How to Leverage Your LMS Data to Make Better Business Decisions

Research from Bersin by Deloitte shows that while the demand for data analytics among corporate organizations is growing, only 4% worldwide are actually using it. This is indicative of a major knowledge gap — Organizations simply lack the skills, tools, and resources to leverage analytics to meet their needs.

Of the organizations that currently use analytics, the approach that is most popular is reporting on data generated by a learning management system (LMS). The primary benefits these organizations receive from LMS reporting and analytics, are the ability to prove business outcomes, identify the training factors that increase productivity and performance, provide better employee training, and make data-driven decisions on investment. This shows that there is great potential for LMS reporting and analytics to alleviate many of the pains and challenges that organizations face. This presentation will demonstrate the benefits of LMS reporting and analytics, and how to ensure your LMS has the right reporting and analytics capabilities for your organization.

Watch the webinar and learn: 

  • A high-level understanding of what learning analytics is
  • How you can leverage learning analytics, with the data generated by your LMS
  • How to make sense of the LMS data in your hands, with LMS reporting and analytics
  • How the analysis of your learning data can resolve your training challenges, and empower you to make better business decisions

Meet the Deployment Specialist!

James_Nicolson_LambdaSolutions-colour-hsAs the lead LMS Solutions Architect at Lambda, James works closely with buyers to identify the best LMS technology to meet their requirements. In addition, James assists users with integration and custom development planning to ensure projects are delivered successfully. Always keeping a pace, James enjoys engaging in research and implementation activities to understand the exciting updates in Moodle & Totara LMS.

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