One of the most commonly used mediums in eLearning is Video. So ask yourself: “Are my learners actually learning anything from my video content?”

Many eLearning courses are long lecture videos followed by a quiz to make sure learners were paying attention. This does not make for an engaging or successful course, and doesn’t take advantage of the incredible benefits video content can provide to learners.

It’s time to get the most from your videos and this Master Class is ideal for content creators and site administrators who need to deliver effective and engaging video content for their eLearning courses.

This 30-minute Master Class on eLearning video content covers:

  • Why videos are effective for eLearning and learning retention
  • Prepping your video for educational use
  • Best Practices for adding video content to your LMS
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About Our Presenter

At Lambda Solutions, Erin works closely with clients from the first login to launch, ensuring that they have maximized the features in their LMS for business success. She is passionate about providing inspired learning, finding the best solutions for your LMS configuration needs, and, most importantly, seeing clients succeed.

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med-one subaru-two toyota-three sandler-four tyson-five realogy-six