Business selling training

Grow at scale with market reach, revenues & impact.
Built to focus on what matters most.
Grow your business of learning.
Build a learning brand that scales.
One Platform.

Simplify processes with increased efficiencies.

Leverage integrations to sell and deliver learning better. Explore capabilities that build your learning brand with a distinct competitive edge. Reimagine student experience.
Fast and easy creation of a dynamic product portfolio.
Create, market and sell profitable courses, almost instantly.
Recognize what your students are looking for and meet their learning needs before the competition does. Produce, market and deliver interactive course content with minimal effort.
Students get value with fresh and consistently high quality on-demand courses.
Sell more with existing content.
Faster time-to-market with market-centric courses by creating content libraries to reuse and repurpose pre-approved and vetted content in multiple formats.
Engaging and approachable courses to motivate students and meet expectations.
Enhance engagement with exceptional learning experiences.
Increase course completion rates with ongoing engagement - learning paths, microlearning, social learning, extensive assessments, feedback and gamification, contributing to a rich learning experience.
Improve customer retention with every customer acquired.
Grow returning customers. Improve buyer experience.
Rich buyer experience from initial awareness to course purchase and beyond. Efficient customer management, order management and inventory management to build trust even as you process cancellations, and requests for refund on specific product quantities.
Incentivize continuing learning to achieve desired outcomes.
Provide incentives to buy more and buy often
Reward students for continuing programs with rebates, coupons, bulk discounts and loyalty programs that bring in revenue without eating away your margins.
Be the lead magnet that drives subscribers into paying students.
Improve lead generation and boost student enrollments.
Understand the target market better with student surveys and insights on the buyer journey to create engaging content and campaigns that improve the lead score and student conversions.
Sell courses and certifications to larger markets effectively with integrated marketing.
Get more bang for your buck. Ramp-up Marketing.
Make the marketing mix work better with insights on students, buyer journeys and product performance. Assess the marketing opportunity accurately to employ resources right. Utilize integration to powerful CRM and marketing tools.
Sell a course unlimited times to unlimited markets. Realize the potential demand fully.
Expand markets. Go global.
Realize the sales potential without any additional investment. Create courses and market them globally with multi-currency and international tax rules.
Higher productivity and performance in delivering learning better.
User experience that translates to value.
Get more done with smooth and simple workflows to administrate, manage and operationalize learning. Reduce repeat tasks for purposeful and targeted efforts.
Grow white label revenues.
Expand the selling ability with branded multi-unit franchises.
Realize potential and maximize market opportunity by expanding the brand reach through partners and franchises.
“I think what turned us on the most was really Lambda Suite’s ability to analyze all the data and get all the reporting, that was one really important piece for us because with us everything we do we measure"
"Lambda Analytics is so robust on so many things, and it allows for any customization we need. We were able to do a lot of fine tuning to get the reporting dashboards exactly how we want them to be.”

List of Benefits

A rich learning experience with student-centric courses for better engagement and loyalty. Realize market potential with a single platform that takes care of everything from course creation, delivery, monetization, operations, to strategic management and reporting.
Custom-built to drive revenue, reach and business impact
Branded learning experience
Revenue-generating courses and programs
Expand to a high value product portfolio
Efficiencies from optimized processes
Market, Sell and Deliver: Courses, certifications, physical products, events and more
Meet expectations of all stakeholders - students, instructors, admin, staff and decision-makers
Business scalability for competitiveness, efficiency, quality and branding
Insights to grow and remain relevant in a rapidly changing market
Personalized learning paths for different learning styles

Trusted by the growth-focused learning
businesses to sustain, succeed and scale.

Be the lead learning brand in the student markets.