Customer education

Grow product adoption, customer success and loyalty with next-level personalized onboarding.
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Grow Customer Loyalty. Expand Customer Base.
Differentiate with Customer Training.
Deliver Customer Success with One Platform.

Tailor training for a unified product experience.

Tap unrealized effectiveness with valuable product and customer insights. Explore capabilities and simplified processes to differentiate as a customer-centric brand. Let your training programs empower your customers.
Personalized anytime, anywhere training for improved customer experience.
Flexible on-demand training for customer engagement.
Incorporate a wide range of responsive training content in multiple formats for increased functionality in product onboarding and adoption.
Right training courses at the right time for high customer value.
Extensive course creation and deliver features.
Quick updation and easy delivery of customer training with simple workflows. Lose no time while reaching out to your customers with what they need most.
Expand revenues from external enterprise training. Gain more.
Audience-specific learning sites.
Extend customer learning paths to build independent training programs for partners, sales associates and dealers.
Adjust options based on your customers’ needs and business goals.
Seamless customer journeys.
Product onboarding gets smoother as customers get to use course registrations and payments based on their needs, B2B or B2C. Activate payments and invoicing options suitable for customer or product categories.
Build referrals and tap revenue opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.
Exceptional customer experience with excellent learning experience.
Boost customer engagement with interactive training programs, microlearning, gamification, assessments, webinars, events etc. Let product updates and features attract and retain customers.
Faster delivery. Better security.Complete reliability.
Scalable and secure content delivery
Deliver content across your global user base with content security that safeguards your IP. Differentiate as much with customer training as with your product.
Influence customers and with integrated marketing.
Market your customer training program for reach and value.
Align with customer needs to promote your customer training effectively. Create email messaging, paid ads and social media campaigns based on reliable customer insights. Access powerful marketing tools with tight ingerations.
Empower customers to prevent burnout of service teams.
Enable self-serve and improve efficiencies of support teams.
Set the tone for customer service with a comprehensive training program. Use microlearning and discussion forums to enable self-service that saves support resources. Improve customer experience with enriched knowledge base and customer communities.
Realize potential with white label revenue opportunities.
Expand the selling ability with branded franchises and partnerships.
Maximize market opportunity by expanding the brand reach through partners, product franchises and events.
Drive continuous improvement of customer success for realized values.
Improve external enterprise learning operations with the right reports.
Let customer feedback with built-in surveys guide your training initiatives. Analyse the learning and buyer journey for customer insights on learning programs and to verify if your efforts are meeting their expectations.
Power end-to-end performance with strategic integrations.
Execute external training with strategic tools.
Realize the full potential of customer education with integration to automation tools for better alignment to goals. From content enrichment, commerce, collaboration, communication, CRM to sales and marketing - you got it all from a single point of entry.
"Lambda Analytics is so robust on so many things, and it allows for any customization we need. We were able to do a lot of fine tuning to get the reporting dashboards exactly how we want them to be.”

List of Benefits

Make your external enterprise training strategy payoff. Grow secondary revenues. Build stronger customer relationships that drive product adoption and success. Engage with rich training experience that delivers faster time-to-value.
Increase customer satisfaction
Unburden customer support team and realize efficiencies
Smooth product onboarding
Build brand ambassadors with customer loyalty
Enhance customer loyalty
Drop churn rates with tailored product training
Improve customer service
Increase revenues from extended enterprise training
Continuous improvement of external enterprise learning initiatives
Drive product adoption and grow upgrades with engaged customers

The preferred choice of innovation leaders
and learning organizations.

Customer Education that Drives Demand
and Delivers Differentiation.