Video may have killed the radio star, but did it make a star out of your eLearning course?  Not necessarily…

It’s rare these days to see eLearning courses without video, but how much thought is being put into making that video content effective? What do you even measure to determine if your video lessons are effective learning resources? If you have any video content for your eLearning, this is a webinar is for you!

Join us for this 1-hour Lambda Lab covering everything you need to create or transform video content into engaging and interactive educational assets with H5P.

In this session we’ll cover:

  • Essential best practices for using video content in eLearning
  • Exactly how to use H5P to Create Interactive Video
  • Why and how to track Completions and Time Spent Learning on Video resources
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About Our Presenter
Benjamin Young
Director of Learning Solutions, Lambda Solutions

As Director of Learning Solutions, Ben provides his in-depth knowledge of eLearning solutions and implementation strategies to help promote learning that engages learners while simultaneously reaching business outcomes. Ben is passionate about bringing learning visions to reality through the use of insightful reporting of the data contained within a Learning Management System. He actively researches and tests emerging technologies which offer improvements in the functionality of online services for clients.

About Our Presenter
Stewart Rogers
VP of Product, Lambda Solutions

Stewart is an experienced product management professional with over 15 years in technology product management. At Lambda Solutions he leads the product development of next generation solutions for learning and talent management. His approach is to engage customers throughout the development process using instantaneous feedback to ensure solutions exceed expectations.

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