The ability to conveniently provide Learners with their data when they need it is critical to their success.

That’s why Zoola Analytics provides you with the option to either embed your reports and dashboards directly into your LMS, or use the Scheduler to automate the delivery of their learning data.

Embedding reports and dashboards is a great way to make learning data available to learners when they need it to make informed decisions, while the Scheduler allows for timely dissemination of reports at critical points or after certain events.

During this 30-minute Lambda Lab our VP of Products, Stewart Rogers, will show you how to use the Zoola Reports block to embed Reports and Dashboards and how to use the Scheduler.  We will also set the table for a future session on data security.

By the end of this session, you will:

  • Understand the basics of the Zoola Reports block for embedding
  • Understand the basics of the Zoola Reports block for scheduling
  • Schedule and share reports and dashboards with stakeholders
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About Our Presenter
Erin Melvin
Director of Client Engagement

At Lambda Solutions, Erin works closely with clients from first login to launch, ensuring that they have maximized the features in their LMS for business success. She is passionate about providing inspired learning, finding the best solutions for your LMS configuration needs, and, most importantly, seeing clients succeed.

About Lambda Lab:

Lambda Lab are designed for the doers. If you are an LMS Administrator, course creator, or if you just want to learn how to implement new features these webinars are for you. Each 30-minute session will offer a practical how-to on a topic related to either enhancing the functionality of your LMS, or improving your insights with Zoola Analytics.

About Our Presenter
Leah Chang
CEO, Lead Instructional
Designer & Learning Strategist |
New Westminster, BC

Leah Chang is an instructional designer, entrepreneur and founder of Leah Chang Learning, a consultancy of savvy learning technologists and learning designers. Having been in the “learning trenches” as a learning business partner developing employee-facing learning, client education and non-profit learning projects, she is intimately familiar with the challenges instructional designers face. She’s adept at chunking large concepts and projects into realistic parts and supporting change and digital adoption at the organizational