3 Essentials You Need to Sell Courses Online With Ease

February 25, 2020

"What is eLearning Business?" - Examining the $200-billion eLearning Industry

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At its core, your Learning business is the courses you sell. So anything you can do to improve your sales process will benefit your whole organization. A simple route to boosting Learning ROI is to stop patching-in eCommerce features, and instead sell online courses from your own website.

This post covers how to use Lambda Suite— integrated with your LMS — to sell your course catalogue, manage your customers, and process your orders


For a deep dive into using eCommerce integration to sell courses, watch: Enhancing Your eCommerce For Your eLearning Business With The Lambda Suite.


1. Manage and organize your Catalogue 

We’ve all had the frustrating experience of trying to navigate a poorly designed website. Good catalogue management is about avoiding those user-experience fails, creating a simple hierarchy of categories and sub-categories that accurately represents your eLearning courses and products.

Because your LMS is only a click away, eCommerce integration (more information on this with this article--Why Your LMS Needs eCommerce Integration For Selling Online Courses Part 1) makes it easy to tailor your catalogue categories, even adding bundled and add-on products, forming an awesome front end for your future learners. When your store operates from within your website, offers and cross-sells can be highly reactive, in ways that are often not possible with non-integrated eLearning platforms.


They say seeing is believing, so if you want to learn about the benefits an interconnected Learning Management System can bring to your eLearning, check out this free on-demand webinar: Interconnecting your LMS Integrations.


The one thing you don’t want in an eCommerce store is an out-of-date catalogue. With an external eCommerce application, it’s all too easy to miss an update or forget to remove an old product. Lambda Suite includes one-click synchronization, which pulls across your products and courses—their names, images, and descriptions—directly from your LMS. The ability to set quantities and stock status for physical products also means your store won’t advertise anything that’s not available.


2. Manage and organize your customers

As an Learning business, you’ll oftentimes be selling products to other companies, as well as to individuals. Here, it helps to have customer hierarchies. With all of your customer’s data built directly into the LMS , you can define groups and categorize users, so you know exactly who you’re selling to, and how your sales look in the big picture.


For more on developing the marketing and sales side of your Learning business: eCommerce in eLearning: Four steps to succeed in business


Having an entire user data set in one place—for both learning and sales—is a marketer’s dream. Use Lambda Learn to track learning analytics, then switch to Lambda Suite for any user’s reviews, communications preferences, shipping and billing addresses, and more. Integration promotes connections between the two sides of your eBusiness, and informs how you group users for pricing and promotional offers.


3. Manage and organize your orders

An eCommerce storefront might be virtual, but it’s likely at least some your products will be physical. When you’re dealing with physical orders (and customers’ very real money) you need to process shipping efficiently. Again, the simplest way to promote accuracy is to put all of your orders in one place, under the same application. Order lifecycles can then be viewed and compared, and you can search by status and date—order pending, in transit, or completed—for a clear idea of what needs to be actioned. 


When customers do come to pay, Lambda Suite supports shipment tracking and multiple payment gateways, including:

  • Paypal 
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  •  and customizable templated invoicing


See exactly how to Enhance your eCommerce for eLearning business success in this on-demand webinar, and start selling online courses from your own website!


No matter what kind of Learning business you have, it always makes sense to have a team of experts on your side. eCommerce integrations like the Lambda Suite come with implementation specialists, dedicated long-term technical support, and customer success managers on hand—all ready and waiting to help with your specific Learning needs.


If you need to sell online courses from your own website with or any other LMS, talk to one of Lambda Solution’s Learning solutions experts today!

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