Why Your LMS Needs eCommerce Integration For Selling Online Courses part 2


Why Your LMS Needs eCommerce Integration For Selling Online Courses Part 2

March 5, 2020 | 4 Min Read

Watch & Learn How To Bring It All Together: Interconnecting your LMS Integrations for eLearning success

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In part one of this two-part blog Why Your LMS Needs eCommerce Integration For Selling Online Courses we looked at how eCommerce integration supports your eLearning Business by making life easier.


In this section, learn how to integrate a range of features to streamline your sales and marketing strategy.

If you’d prefer to watch instead of read, this free on-demand video is for you: Enhancing Your Commerce For Your eLearning Business & Enhancing your eLearning Marketing to Drive Growth.


What can eCommerce Integration do for sales? 

Streamline sales 

It’s common sense to make paying for courses as easy and flexible as possible. Ideally, you can offer learners multiple payment method options and the chance to automate purchases through auto-enrollment. To do that, you need technology that can handle a diverse customer base with an adjustable tax rules engine.


Lambda Suite: Selling Courses Online

Once you’ve made your sales, use integrated analytics to build out informative dashboards. Tie together orders with learner data to better understand where your sales are coming from—then make strategic changes using the same platform. 

Bespoke sales rules 

Develop your sales strategy with flexible prices and access rules. Give different users the ability to make single or multiple downloads, limited-time or permanent course access, and make sure your users are seeing the right prices for their demographic when they log-in. 

Lambda Suite comes equipped with cart price rules, which make it easy to create discounts and coupon codes. Depending on your marketing strategy, make your discounts valid for timed periods, certain quantities, percentages-off, or product tied offers. The online store also has the ability to auto-generate group rules, so that codes cannot be shared, and will only work with users who meet the conditions you set out. 

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What can eCommerce Integration do for marketing? 

Synchronize marketing and learning 

Never waste time replicating content again! With eCommerce integration, one-click pulls all of your courses, categories, images, descriptions and meta text from your LMS directly into your online store. Once your store is populated, organize it with category and subcategory trees, which make it easy to visualize how your courses will appear to users. 

Integrating LMS and eCommerce makes building a product, adding it to your store, and make it live for users one seamless process. At any stage along the way, add additional marketing content, shipping information, or change pricing and visibility—even customize your store’s HTML code. 

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Easy content marketing 

When reaching out to large numbers of users, marketing for multiple audiences, or advertising for events, the sheer amount of content required can suddenly spike. During these times, rely on Lambda Suite to keep atop of communications, through automated sending. Let your online store take over basic interactions such as purchase confirmation or enrolment emails—which can be designed by you, or modified from a range of Templates.

For your eLearning newsletter(s), use eCommerce integration to pull text and media straight from your course content, then target your communications with all your sales data at your disposal. See wish lists and sales orders to find the most interested learners and increase the probability of cross-sells:Blog-Lambda-Suite-Store-Related-Courses-UpsellSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) makes sure you stand out among the crowd, but it’s also useful within your online store. With eCommerce integration, view your learner’s searches to build a picture of what they look for. Then use that data to match popular search terms with your content. 

With Lambda Suite, make your net even wider using the synonym groups tool, which catches other relevant but differently-worded searches. Lambda Suite is an eLearning revenue solution used across eCommerce industries to optimize sales and deliver professional content marketing.

No matter what kind of LMS Integration you need, Lambda’s eLearning Solutions Experts have the answers you’re looking for. So, Ask Us Anything and start transforming your eLearning into revenue-driving assets today!

And if you want to learn more about why, what, and how to integrate your LMS to provide a more engaging and compelling eLearning experience, this video is for you: Interconnecting your LMS Integrations.

In case you missed Part 1,  check out why eCommerce integrations are important for selling online courses.


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