LMS Integration The Key To Increasing Your eLearning ROI


LMS Integration: The Key To Increasing Your eLearning ROI

February 27, 2020 | 4 Min Read

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It’s on your mind whether you’re in the eLearning business, or use eLearning solutions within your organization: how do I get the best LMS experience for everyone, without breaking the bank?


Increase your eLearning ROI


Make your LMS an eLearning and Analytics and eCommerce Solution.

Your Learning Management System can be so much more just an eLearning platform. With the right integrated technology, it can become a true all-in-one eLearning business solution that lets you gain revenue from the courses and programs you’ve already invested in.

The key to transforming your LMS into a revenue-driving eLearning machine is seamless integration with eCommerce and Analytics solutions. But what exactly does that look like? 

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Why LMS integration? 3 big reasons!

1. Improving your user experience

A consistent user experience creates trust in your business. Seamless navigation suggests product quality, a capable team, and a platform that’s built to last. 

For learners, content that looks good and feels enjoyable is always more likely to become a favourite. LMS integration supports your site’s user experience by applying in-depth analytical reporting to pinpoint exactly what is and what isn’t working, and provide evidence for strategic decision-making.


2. Making your daily tasks easier

An integrated LMS aids ease of use for management, instructors, and administrators. Doing more within your team means reduced costs in additional labour and technical support. Manage your catalogue and fine-tune your promotions; handle payments, refunds, and enrolments under one roof; or simply keep an eye on your operations from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.


Integration is hard! Take a load off and see how our team of veteran integration experts can bring together all the pieces you need for your ideal eLearning solution


3. Saving you money

Organizations who choose a single provider for their eLearning solution make significant savings in time and resources. Knowing your current and future needs are safe in the hands of a single team of experts means no more spending on third-party apps. LMS integration brings continuity for your users throughout their learning journey — target, enrol, train, and report from one cost-efficient platform, instead of relying on a different provider for each eLearning need.

Looking for more ways to stretch your eLearning budget, without sacrificing quality? Then this is a must-read: LMS Cost Management: How to make cost-saving eLearning decisions.


What you’re missing out on without LMS integration

1. eCommerce

LMS Integration

Third-party Applications

Transform your eLearning from a cost-centre to a revenue-generator by integrating Shopping Cart, Checkout, and Payout functions with your existing content.

Map your existing content to an external eCommerce application, for an additional price. Send your users through a complicated set of web portals and payment steps.


BLOG POST: For eCommerce solution, get a scope of how you can sell online courses from your own website with Moodle


2. Course Marketing

LMS Integration

Third-party Applications

Lambda Suite allows you to market and sell courses from within your Learning Management System with integrated, in-depth digital marketing features directly informed by your learners and business data.

Spend time and money developing a marketing strategy outside of your LMS. Manually update your marketing team with information on your learners.


3. Learner Analytics & Business Data

LMS Integration

Third-party Applications

Build out dashboards for all aspects of your eLearning business — anything from sales orders to learner progress. Access all of your data in one place, with automated reporting, customizable and interactive dashboards, and easily see the big picture.

Limited access to your LMS data and no integrated access to your business analytics. Work across multiple applications to process all of your data, wasting time exporting, importing, formatting, and sending reports. Check out this article on: The Learning Analytics Cheat Sheet For Growing Your eLearning Business

LMS integrations increase revenue, better serve your current learners, and help you expand your eLearning. To learn even more about how LMS integration can save your budget, this article is what you’re looking for: How To Cut Your eLearning Costs With LMS Integration.

And to see first hand the benefits a seamlessly-integrated Learning Management System can bring to your eLearning business, feast your eyes on these free on-demand webinars:


We know a thing or two about this, after all, our experts built the Lambda Suite! This fully-integrated eLearning solution takes all the insights from this article and puts them into action. 


No matter what kind of eLearning business you have, it always makes sense to have a team of experts on your side. eCommerce integrations like the Lambda Suite come with implementation specialists, dedicated long-term technical support, and customer success managers on hand—all ready and waiting to help with your specific eLearning needs.


If you need LMS integrations for your eLearning business, or any other revenue-driving solutions, get the answers you need from a Lambda Solution’s eLearning solutions expert today!

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