Master your eLearning.

Gain complete control of your systems.

Master your platform's functionality and features with the knowledge to create truly engaging and meaningful learning experiences that deliver the best possible learner experience so that your learners spread the word and come back for more. 

Training that sticks.

Let your instructors spend less time learning to use your LMS and more time improving learning outcomes, while your administrators save hours of troubleshooting with a thorough understanding of your platform, plugins, and features.

Stay on the cutting edge.

Stay up to speed on the latest eLearning technology, breakthroughs, and best practices and execute your eLearning projects with precision, accuracy, and speed. A thorough working understanding of your LMS and eCommerce platforms will ultimately decrease costs.

Learning With Lambda

Tap into our expertise to get started faster, create engaging and efficient eLearning environment, and stay on the cutting edge of eLearning innovations.



    Across 9 complimentary in-depth LMS, Analytics, and eCommerce training programs offered to all of our clients in the exclusive Lambda Learning Space.



    Across 39 Master Classes

6 ways to learn with Lambda

  • Lambda Learning Space

    Full on-demand access to all our training courses to keep your eLearning on the cutting edge.

  • Fundamentals Training

    Training courses designed to make your LMS administrators masters of everything from login to launch.

  • Advanced Features Training

    Get the resources you need to deploy more robust administrative features, eCommerce strategies, interactive and engaging eLearning.

  • Monthly Master Classes

    Monthly live webinars covering best practices for eLearning, analytics, and eCommerce with recorded VODs for your convenience.

  • Monthly Lambda Labs

    Practical, how-to webinars designed to help you make incremental changes for the better in your eLearning initiatives. 2x per month.

  • Ongoing Webinars

    Monthly broadcasts with special-guest hosts covering industry-specific best-practices, common eLearning and eCommerce challenges.

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