The Learning Analytics Cheat Sheet For Growing Your eLearning Business


The Learning Analytics Cheat Sheet For Growing Your eLearning Business

February 20, 2020

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Making your data work for you can be hard. Third-party apps are often too basic, or too technical, to provide useful insights for your eLearning business. And when the data begins to build, gathering reports across multiple platforms is just plain stressful.


So what’s the solution? LMS integration! 


LMS integration lets you build out dashboards alongside your learner data, for all aspects of your business. From sales orders to time-spent learning, integrated analytics puts your data in one place, with a team of experts on hand to give you as much support as you need.

Discover all the benefits a fully-integrated eLearning solution can bring to your organization in this free on-demand webinar: Interconnecting your LMS Integrations.


Your Comprehensive Learning Analytics Cheat Sheet

The following is a quick and convenient list of benefits you’ll want your learning analytics solution to be able to provide.


1. Automated Reporting

Selling online courses? Then you need consistent reports that will track your success, and help you make the right decisions when renewing your course catalogue. Use Lambda Suite to schedule and export sales.

Evaluating individual learners or entire classes? Automation lets you map progress across long data life-cycles, identifying trends that may not appear from week to week. Scheduling analytics helps keep your team informed, and gets presentation-ready analytics with minimal input.


2. Benefit from Interactive Dashboards

Analytics are most helpful when they’re easy to understand. Custom filtering and interaction allow you to create personalized dashboards, tailored to your next pitch or the specific interests of a stakeholder. Full custom reporting with Lambda Analytics gives you the option to flex your data-analysis muscles, or call on Lambda’s eLearning experts to fine-tune your search terms.


3. Ability to Share Your Information with the Right People

Dealing with a daunting to-do list? Go from marking assignments to administrative duties to generating analytics without leaving your LMS. With an eLearning revenue solution, you can move seamlessly through all the aspects of your business or training program.

An integrated analytics platform makes it easier than ever to share insights from your entire data set. Let those involved in course design see how your marketing affects learner behaviour. Compare learning outcomes to investment in content. And get specific, too. Create in-depth information for your educators and sales teams, including average annual revenue, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and more.


See for yourself how a professionally designed, fully-integrated system saves you time and effort with Online Course Creation and Management Simplified!


4. Boost Your eLearning ROI

Need to increase enrolments, or decrease the number of abandoned courses? Learning analytics is the best way to optimize your eLearning. With an integrated analytics platform, educators and course designers can look behind lesson content, tracking learner progress in terms of results, time-spent learning, course feedback, and a whole host of other statistics.

Once you have a core understanding of what’s working well (and what isn’t), it becomes easier to increase the effectiveness of your eLearning. Visual representations of data help to pinpoint areas of engagement, and conversely, show you where engagement is dropping off. Learning analytics identifies gaps in your training content and lets Lambda’s team help you close them.


Make your LMS an eLearning + Analytics + eCommerce Solution

It’s not enough to just have a Learning Management System anymore. Your LMS needs to be an eLearning revenue solution that saves you time and money by bringing your eLearning business together inside a single, powerful home. eCommerce and course marketing aligned with learners and teaching content, while admin and management are just a few clicks away from data reporting.


Want to learn more about bringing eCommerce to your eLearning? This article is a great place to start: eLearning eCommerce: four steps to succeed in business.


Lambda Suite is the all-in-one eLearning revenue solution used across industries to create total data reports and drive market strategy. It provides eCommerce integration and seamless, in-house analytics reporting, by plugging Lambda Analytics directly into your LMS.


Take our latest tour, which includes all the learner analytics features we’ve created to help get the most from your data: Everything You Need to Build Your eLearning Business.


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