Why Your LMS Needs eCommerce Integration For Selling Online Courses


Why Your LMS Needs eCommerce Integration For Selling Online Courses Part 1

March 3, 2020

Watch & Learn How To Bring It All Together: Interconnecting your LMS Integrations for eLearning success

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It’s easy to see why selling online courses is the new normal. Even for businesses that don’t source their main revenue from eLearning, the ability to make money from sharing your expertise is a major win for everybody. 

Monetizing content with eCommerce is all about making it easy for you and your learners. Whereas traditional training programmes devour revenue, resources, and hard-earned time, eLearning offers on-demand content with a high return on investment (ROI). 

Whether you’re an eLearning business or not, the ultimate way to run eCommerce is through an eLearning revenue solution that integrates eCommerce, LMS, and analytics reporting on a single platform. This lets your customers shop, buy, and train all in one place, while giving you fine-grain control over your online store. 

eCommerce for eLearning? Is there really a business to be made from eLearning? Why yes, many businesses in fact! Discover the emerging opportunities of the $200-billion eLearning Industry in this article answering What is an eLearning Business?


Keep reading to learn how eCommerce integration supports personalized catalogues, superior user experience, and alignment with your eLearning goals. 


Are LMS integrations really necessary? Short answer: Yes. Long answer (with resources!) is in this article: LMS Integration: The Key To Increasing Your eLearning ROI


So what can eCommerce Integration do for you?


1. Get the right product in front of the right learner for the right price 

In an evolving eLearning business, it’s unlikely all of your users will pay the same price for the same product. Pre-agreed deals or new marketing plans require the ability to be flexible and asymmetrical with your pricing. 

Make sure your users are seeing the right pricing structure for their demographic when they login to your store. Lambda Suite allows flexible pricing rules, which can apply across promotional periods, course categories, groups of users, or to individuals. 

eCommerce integration is the easiest way to optimize your catalogue for multiple audiences because everything runs through the same store and site. Whether you want to increase upsell opportunities, or cross-sell features, use simple admin rules to change the way your catalogue appears to different users. 


Here are some of the benefits of an eCommerce integrated LMS (check out the short video below):


Get the full rundown and see the benefits an eCommerce integrated LMS can bring to your bottom line in this free video: Enhancing Your eCommerce For Your eLearning Business


2. Be known for your User Experience 

An online store that looks good and works well is invaluable to your brand. Luckily, Lambda Suite comes with user experience optimization built-in. Help your users stay updated with payments, personal info, and order history through simple side-bar navigation. Make it easy to track progress, status, and stats—which thanks to eCommerce integration—feed directly from your LMS. 

Beyond ease-of-use, user experience is also about managing the feel of your site. This is important in service-oriented industries such as eLearning, where a pleasant experience encourages repeat visits. 

Create the right impression for your business with HTML store themes, which match the branding of the rest of your site. Ensure a seamless and professional feel with Single Sign-On, which takes users from your online store through to your eLearning portal. 


3. Bring together browsing, buying, and learning 

Running your entire eLearning business on a single platform makes it easier than ever to align your products with your learners

  • Use data collected through learner analytics to inform the way your catalogue looks.
  • Design pages to profile popular content or highlight new courses, including images and videos. 
  • Create clear course categories and pathways, allowing learners to see where they sit within the wider curriculum.


Once your courses are up and running, let your learners contribute, through integrated user reviews. As an admin, read, moderate and approve reviews easily—even add images or feedback on comments. 

Lambda Suite is the all-in-one eLearning revenue solution used across industries to manage course catalogues, maintain online stores, and drive sales. Get the full tour to discover what the Lambda Suite can do for your eLearning Business in our free webinar: Everything You Need to Build Your eLearning Business. 


And if you want to learn more about why, what, and how to integrate your LMS to provide a more engaging and compelling eLearning experience, this video is for you: Interconnecting your LMS Integrations.

Let's continue with Part 2 of the blog post, Why Your LMS Needs eCommerce Integration For Selling Online Courses--Streamline Your Sales & Marketing Strategy.


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Originally published on March 3, 2020. Last updated on May 11, 2020.

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