Everything together at last.

Connect your ecosystem.

Unite all your systems for an easy to use and consistent experience that drives results from users and eliminates administrative headaches.

See the big picture.

Bring all your learning and business data together to paint a clear picture that shows you how to easily improve and expand.

Solidify your systems.

Evolve from a patchwork of technology solutions to one solid integrated ecosystem that works together to meet your goals.

Integration Expertise

No matter what you need, we have the experience to bring your ideal eLearning solution together.

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    So you get the functionality you need

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    Building our integration expertise since  2002.

How we bring it all together...

  • LMS Integration

    Provide user, course, enrollment, grade and progress integrations with a variety of registry, SIS, CRM, HR and ERP systems.

  • Analytics Integration

    Combine your learning, business, and organizational data by integrating Lambda Analytics with all of your xAPI conformant systems.

  • Custom Report Development

    Our team of report development specialists will save you time and money creating professional reports that meet all your needs.

  • eCommerce Integration

    Create a seamless transition from course catalogue to classroom.

  • Third-Party Integration

    Utilize the vast array of additional functionality and features with a huge library of open-source plugins for your LMS solution.

  • Single-Sign-On Authentication

    Allow everyone to sign on with one user ID and password, regardless of whether they are accessing your LMS or eCommerce platform.

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