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BC campus

BC Campus

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Education infrastructure provider.
OPPORTUNITY: BCcampus needed a cost-effective, reliable way to consolidate Learning Management Systems (LMS) for 12 universities and colleges.
SOLUTION: Provision of managed Moodle hosting and support.
RESULTS: LMS’ consolidated, improving faculty and student access while lowering cost and ensuring the back-end systems had reliable support to offer thousands of courses.
Download the BC Campus Moodle in Education Case Study

“It’s really about the learning, so you have to match the learning with the technologies. With Moodle … connected and married to other technologies, we have a choice.”

Frank Fucile, Client Services Manager, BCcampus Share Services.

Frank Fucile of BCcampus

BCcampus Client Service’s Manager Frank Fucile talks about how Moodle empowers learning and is used throughout BC post-secondary institutions with application support by Lambda Solutions.

Cambridge Educational Services

Neil Squire

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Cambridge Educational Service Cambridge is the nation’s premier provider of school-based college and career preparation and supplemental curriculum services.
OPPORTUNITY: Cambridge needed a more reliable LMS hosting company to handle the tens of thousands its users.
SOLUTION: Moodle hosting and support from Lambda Solutions.
RESULTS: Cambridge significantly increased enrollments and reduced costs.
Download the Cambridge Managed Hosting Case Study

“We’ve saved months of planning, weeks of server setup, and endless hours in troubleshooting. I couldn’t recommend Lambda hosting enough.”

Charles McShane, System Administrator | Cambridge Educational Services

Neil Squire

Neil Squire

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: National not-for-profit organization, helping Canadians with physical disabilities be independent and enter the workplace.
OPPORTUNITY: This national organization needed to improve accessibility and cost-effectiveness for users of its services, including for those in rural and Aboriginal communities. Implementing the Moodle LMS would help, but the organization did not have the internal IT resources to host and support the switch to eLearning.
SOLUTION: Moodle implementation, LMS training, expert support and managed hosting.
RESULTS: Neil Squire cost effectively increased the reach of its education and training services from several hundred clients near their branches to over 1,500 clients nationwide.
Download the Neil Squire Moodle in Education Case Study

“Neil Squire just doesn’t have the bandwidth to deal with managing and hosting our Moodle LMS. We don’t want to deal with server specs. Thanks to Lambda Solutions, we can focus on improving accessibility and ensuring a great user experience.”

Chad Leaman, Neil Squire Society Director of Development

Business Career College

Business Career College

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Financial Services Education.
OPPORTUNITY: Business Career College was looking for a more sophisticated, cost-effective online learning platform.
SOLUTION: Provision of managed Moodle hosting and support.
RESULTS: A professional-quality LMS with price structure and reliability that support business growth.
Download the Business Career College Moodle in Education Case Study

“Using Lambda lets us focus on content development. We don’t really want to spend our time managing upgrades or configuring SQL and meeting other technical challenges.”

Jason Watt, Instructor + College Director Business Career College

Rochester College

Rochester College

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Liberal Arts College.
OPPORTUNITY: Rochester College needed a reliable and cost effective managed hosting solution for their LMS.
SOLUTION: Moodle Hosting and Support from Lambda Solutions.
RESULTS: The college increased buy-in for online learning by demonstrating lower costs. With greater reliability, online courses are now more popular with students and teachers.
Download the Rochester College Moodle in Education Case Study

“Moving over to Lambda was just wonderful — Students and faculty were saying ‘Oh, Moodle is fixed! Thanks for whatever you did!’ and we’d say ‘New hosts, new hosts!”

Donna Mosley Online Learning Technology Specialist Rochester College

Pre-Collegiate Learning Center (PCLC)

Pre-Collegiate Learning Centre

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Private High School
OPPORTUNITY: Pre-Collegiate Learning Center wanted to provide high quality education at an affordable price, countering the rising cost of tuition.
SOLUTION: Implementation of the Moodle learning management system into PCLC’s program as a pilot project to demonstrate scalability and functionality.
RESULTS: PCLC was able to offer affordable education by using an LMS, without sacrificing the quality of education.
Download the PCLC Moodle in Education Case Study >>

“This is how students learn today … This kind of technology helps get them ready for after they graduate. It helps prepare them for the real world.”

Lauren Ariev Gellman, PCLC Director

St. Francis Xavier University

ST Francis

OPPORTUNITY: One of Canada’s premier universities needed to dramatically scale-up online learning offerings, but didn’t have the resources to manage it internally.
SOLUTION: Provide managed hosting for the university’s Moodle LMS, as well as support services, training and development.
RESULTS: St. Francis Xavier University rapidly expanded its capabilities so that thousands of students and faculty are using Moodle to enhance learning.
Download the St Francis Xavier Moodle in Education Case Study >>

“They said they’d guarantee 99.9 percent uptime and they’ve kept to that. It gives us a very reliable backbone infrastructure for teachers when they want to give quizzes, do marking or other things.”

James Stewart, STFX University Supervisor of Academic Technology & Pedagogy Support.

Corporate Training

STEP Energy

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Oil, gas and energy supplies and services.
OPPORTUNITY: STEP Energy needed a powerful and cost effective LMS to streamline safety, compliance and development training.
SOLUTION: Totara Learning Management System (LMS) optimized with Totara Managed Hosting and Support from Lambda Solutions.
RESULTS: A top-tier open source learning management system with timely, informative and engaging online training.
Download the STEP Energy Case Study

“What really triggered me and had me impressed was not just Totara’s rich feature set but Lambda’s outstanding customer service. There were prompt responses which is integral when you want to successfully implement a learning management system.”

Peggy Kimmel, Training and Development Manager, STEP Energy

Ecole Chocolat

Ecole Chocolat

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Chocolate Arts & Professional Chocolate Making School.
OPPORTUNITY: To service all areas of the market by offering online chocolatier programs.
SOLUTION: Moodle hosting and expert support from Lambda Solutions.
RESULTS: Ecole Chocolat has become a recession proof business that grows year after year.
Download the Ecole Chocolat Case Study

“We haven’t been affected by the economy—we are amazed that we have become a recession proof business by providing reliable 24/7/365 online learning. Lambda makes this possible.”

Pam Williams, Founder, Ecole Chocolat

Adoptive Families Association of BC

Training Division

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: For over 35 years, AFABC has been dedicated to finding families or children and to providing ground-breaking programs that support the entire adoption community.
OPPORTUNITY: Improve course accessibility and standardization by moving from face-to-face sessions to 100% online learning.
SOLUTION: Implement a learning management platform based on Moodle 2.5 with mobile capacity.
RESULTS: Improved program accessibility, creation of new revenue sources and ability to reach a larger audience.
Download the AFABC Moodle Case Study

“We could see that online learning would be better for our clients who are spread across the province. We also knew that our programs would work for other jurisdictions. We needed a trusted platform partner, like Lambda, to help us with the technology and eLearning expertise we needed to grow.”

Sophia Barton-Buckhnor, Education and Youth Services Manager, AFABC

Training Division

Training Division

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Online training for first responders, firefighters, and EMT.
OPPORTUNITY: Training Division recognized the huge business opportunity of being the first to offer training online. However, the company lacked expertise in developing, hosting, and supporting a Learning Management System to make their business goal a reality.
SOLUTION: Moodle implementation, eLearning content migration, expert support and managed hosting.
RESULTS: Lambda Solutions helped this training company become a profitable leader in its field, graduating 45,000+ emergency personnel who are helping keep communities safe.
Download the Training Division Moodle in Corporate Training Case Study

“There is absolutely no way we could have done it with just our own IT people. Lambda takes care of the Moodle LMS that powers our business.”

Mick Moffitt, Training Division CEO

ETR Associates


CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Training for public and private agencies.
OPPORTUNITY: IA training organization was already using the Moodle Learning Management System to train health care providers and community volunteers. Their
customers were asking for more capabilities for managing users and reliable uptime.
SOLUTION: Moodle upgrade, customization and support.
RESULTS: Lambda Solutions gave the organization the capabilities it needed, on time and on budget and with minimal downtime, enabling the organization to provide reliable access to online training for over 7,000 users.
Download the ETR Moodle in Corporate Training Case Study >>

“We used to have to have lots of meetings with our old vendor over mockups and wireframes before they would get it, but with Lambda Solutions, they understand what we’re going for and it often takes just one meeting!”

ETR Associates E-Learning Project Coordinator Matt Cherry

Ontario Petroleum Contractors
Association (OPCA)

Ontario Petroleum Inst

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Training association for Petroleum Industry.
OPPORTUNITY: Ontario Petroleum needed to meet the needs of private companies requesting pre-training for employees prior to gaining admittance to worksite.
Their LMS support vendor was not providing them with the level of service they required.
SOLUTION: Development of an enhanced Moodle learning management system portal to
provide online learning for oil industry employees, along with enhanced support.
RESULTS: Ontario Petroleum was able to offer online training to ensure new employees on
worksites could “hit the ground running” without a lengthy orientation process.
Download the OPCA Moodle in Corporate Training Case Study >>

“Since the back-end is now taken care of, we’ve got almost 14,000 students a year going through the course across Canada – and it runs on its own, without instructors leading it.”

Michelle Rae, OCPA Executive Director


Care and Compliance Group

Care & Compliance

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Training provider for healthcare sector (palliative care and assisted living)
OPPORTUNITY: Implementation of learning management solution that effectively tracks learning progress for improved learning and retention, to deliver better patient care.
SOLUTION: Provision of course design recommendations, Moodle customization, Moodle Hosting & Support, and Training.
RESULTS: A more cost-effective, easy-to-manage LMS that gave trainers and learners the ability to learn from anywhere, whether on a desktop or mobile device.
Download the Care and Compliance Moodle in Healthcare Case Study >>

“Ultimately, the team chose Moodle over alternative solutions because the open-source LMS offered the ultimate flexibility and customization..”

Care and Compliance CEO Josh Allen, RN.

Clinical Difference

Clinical Difference

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Training provider for healthcare industry professionals
OPPORTUNITY: A training provider needed a way to make its Learning Management System more customizable, reliable and cost-effective learning management solution to scale-up their offerings and increase their business.
SOLUTION: Provision of course design recommendations, Moodle customization, Moodle Hosting & Support, and Training.
RESULTS: Cost savings, more reliable access to the LMS and greatly improved ability to provide training courses on a much bigger scale to more customers
Download the Clinical Difference Moodle in Healthcare Case Study >>

“(Lambda) are able to look after our needs on schedule and on budget, with minimal downtime for our LMS. Now we’re taking advantage of all that the Moodle LMS has to offer.”

Daniel Steinberg, Clinical Difference Chief Technical Officer.


Canadian International
Development Agency (CIDA)

Canadian Dev Agency

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Government agency directing development assistance.
OPPORTUNITY: With employees working in countries across the globe, CIDA needed a way to deliver pre-training courses more efficiently.
SOLUTION: Moodle implementation, managed hosting and support services.
RESULTS: CIDA was able to deliver pre-training courses online to facilitate training in Canada, improving delivery of training overall and enabling larger-scale online training implementation.
Download the CIDA Moodle in Government Case Study >>

“We still do training here, but because we’re able to do some pre-training before staff come, the training program takes less time.”

Isabelle Gaudreault, M.Ed., eLearning Specialist

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