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  • Customer’s Business: Since 1964, TuGo’s travel insurance products and traveller claim services enable people to explore the world with confidence. As a Gold Standard member of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, TuGo provides bilingual services from several locations across Canada. 
  • Opportunity: Replace the company’s previous LMS to address reporting and analytics challenges, such as unclear metrics, and nonexistent capacity to segment learning content.
  • Solution: Lambda Learn Cloud Professional Bundle (10,000 Users) and Zoola Analytics 
  • Results: The Lambda Learn/Zoola Analytics bundled solution provides a high level of platform customization and segmentation of learning content, in addition to robust analytics and reporting functionality that the Learning Centre team was looking for. 

About TuGo 

Over the years, TuGo’s dedication to travellers, partners and employees has made it one of Canada’s top travel insurance providers and Canada’s Best Managed Company. Together with its partners, TuGo has protected millions of people with travel insurance worldwide. The team at TuGo understand their customers’ needs and are passionate about helping them to have better experiences by providing top-rated claims assistance and customer service. The company offers products and services that are easy to use and go beyond financial protection. Since 1964, TuGo has been a true innovator in the travel insurance industry, introducing many “fi rsts” such as being the fi rst company to launch missed flight insurance and being one of the pioneers of selling travel insurance online. The brainchild of the two original founders, TuGo has expanded from one location to having a national presence with offices across Canada. Its dedicated employees provide a variety of services.

The Challenge

The Learning Centre team at TuGo had struggled with a previous learning management system that had a number of deficiencies. Top of this list was the copious amounts of time and frustration people had trying to conduct analytics to get clear, actionable metrics and reports from the system. As a customer service-oriented company, TuGo couldn’t provide a customized experience for its partners who are a big part of TuGo’s success, by not being able to segment value-added learning content. Stated Maria Popova, Learning Centre Team Lead at TuGo, “We wanted to evolve our learning initiatives from incidental, low-impact course occurrences into user-centred learning strategies. Very quickly, we have been able to accomplish this with the Lambda Learn/Zoola Analytics solution.” 

The Solution

On-Target Launch

In 2016, when the initial setup happened, the three administrators in the Learning Centre team at TuGo, along with the IT team members who provide project work such as API integration and Lambda Learn upgrades, felt they had fantastic assistance and support from Lambda Solutions. This ensured a smooth transition and an on-target launch.

Complete Customization

Lamdba Learn has great potential for customization, which enables TuGo to create and assign different dashboards to its partners and employees based on user’s preferences and settings. Lambda  Learn also makes blended learning possible by enabling multiple forms of learning to be combined. It is then possible to contextualize the training to suit the needs of learners.

Single Sign-On Integration

Internally, there are employees who have individual access to the LMS. Externally, the TuGo team has been implementing single sign-on integration between the LMS and its partner platforms. The end goal is to offer individual access to a variety of partners and o er continuing education credits issued directly from the LMS.

Reporting & Analytics 

Thanks to the flexible reporting capabilities of Zoola Analytics, TuGo can track virtually any measurable learning parameters. Stated Popova, “The reporting capabilities of the LMS using Zoola Analytics have been regarded as a highly credible data source, which impacts our strategic decisions and projects.”


The TuGo team appreciates the quick turnaround time after a ticket has been submitted and finds this to be very efficient and extremely helpful, especially when there are tight project deadlines to meet. 

“We recently upgraded Lambda Learn and there were some very detailed and complex questions, such as SCORM package size, custom certificate and custom CSS. Lambda’s support team helped us save a lot of time to resolve these issues and provided very thorough guidance, which in turn we used as a learning opportunity to evolve our specialized expertise.” - Maria Popova, Learning Centre Team Lead, TuGo

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Results After One Year

One year after launching and going live with TuGo Learn, the insurance company has achieved impressive results, including:

  • Re-purposed and launched over 25 courses 
  • Developed 7 new courses, including 2 interactive modules 
  • Implemented 3 learning programs 
  • Created the first corporate performance-based course 
  • Launched the first bilingual interactive course for partners 
  • Built reusable assets, such as templates
“We highly recommend Lambda Solutions. First and foremost, it is a dependent and effective business partner with an excellent support team. Lambda has equipped us with the right tools to quickly deliver a personalized learning experience—both internally within our company and externally to our partners.” - Maria Popova, Learning Centre Team Lead, TuGo

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