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[UPDATED] YMCA Develops Compliant Training Processes For Child Safety

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  • Customer’s Business: Community Services such as childcare and employment help
  • Opportunity: Anytime, anywhere Learning, 520+ hours saved, organizational growth
  • Solution: Moodle LMS, Moodle Managed Hosting, Moodle Training & Moodle Expert Support
  • Results: 500 employees trained with advanced re-certification paths, 520 hours saved

About YMCA Of Hamilton, Burlington & Brampton

The YMCA of Hamilton, Burlington & Brampton (HBB) services these communities via programs that stimulate community development from the individual up. With programs varying from aquatics, camps, childcare and employment services, YMCA HBB is dedicated to bettering the lives of people of all ages. The focus of this case study will be on YMCA HBB’s childcare programs due to their use of Lambda Solutions’ Moodle Solution for anytime, anywhere online employee training.

The Challenge

Due to provincial training mandates, childcare programs require stringent training for an employee pool that is characterized by extremely high turnover. Melissa Kelly, Area Supervisor for the School Age Child Care Program at YMCA HBB explains “how difficult it has been to providing mandatory training when employee turnover is close to 50%”. Many of the workers are working part time split shifts so childcare employees leave quickly, making it extremely time consuming to educate the quickly incoming staff on 48 different provincially mandated policies.

Prior to adopting Moodle Learning Management System (LMS), YMCA HBB’s training department was required to train every single new employee via face-to-face instruction. The process was arduous given the sheer amount of employees that needed to go through the program. In the Burlington district alone, 500 caregivers are required to take this training before they begin caring for the 3000 children that are serviced through the before and after school childcare program. In addition to receiving education on the 48 different policies, YMCA HBB is also responsible for re-training or refreshing knowledge when policies change. Coupling these two challenges with increasing compliance reporting standards, Kelly knew she needed Moodle LMS to streamline said activities. 

“Lambda was a great support in teaching us how to be successful in Moodle...we would not have achieved our training and compliance targets without them.”
- Melissa Kelly, Area Supervisor, YMCA HBB


The Solution

In order to deliver this training to a growing staff spread across Hamilton, Burlington and Brampton, Kelly knew she needed a centralized system that could deliver anytime, anywhere training with consistency. This training also had to be delivered to an audience that was not familiar with modern technology so an easy user experience was a must. Moodle LMS was found to be the LMS of choice because of its wide-popularity, open source flexibility and ease of use. In order to get Kelly and her team up to speed with Moodle’s course creation and certification features, YMCA HBB sought out Lambda Solutions’ implementation expertise, cloud hosting capabilities, and training and expert support

Lambda’s Moodle Cloud Hosting 

With peak usage times when masses of YMCA employees move through Moodle to complete training and certification, Lambda’s Cloud Hosting environment ensures ultimate speed and system performance. With fast loading pages, perfectly streamed videos, and international hosting security measures, YMCA HBB utilizes the best of the best for employee training and in return, children receive leading care from knowledgeable caregivers. 

Lambda’s Moodle Training & Expert Support 

Being new to Moodle, Kelly knew that her and her staff would greatly benefit from the Moodle Course Creator Training that Lambda provides. Moodle Training has allowed her team to know exactly where to start and what is needed to achieve their training goals. With Lambda’s added Moodle Expert Support, her team can reach out as and when questions arise. 


500 Staff Trained for Compliance 

Kelly and her team successfully trained and proved compliance with Moodle LMS. With a rigorous, efficient and consistent training model, Kelly and her team can easily administer and record the compliant-training that takes place at YMCA HBB. 

520 Hours Saved Annually 

Prior to Lambda, Kelly and her team spent up to 10 hours a week away from their desks delivering policy training. With Moodle LMS, this training no longer needs to take place face-to-face so time can now be allocated to what matters most—ensuring that their childcare programs provide enriching experiences for children of all ages. 

Organizational Growth

The time Kelly and her team saves can now be relocated elsewhere. This provides them with more time for program development. Their Moodle site has also spread into the HR department for streamlined onboarding, and leadership training

Lessons Learned

Kelly Shares Some Tips for You! 

  • Sometimes there are big words that may seem daunting for what you are wanting to achieve in Moodle but don’t let that scare you off 
  • Ask Lambda for help! They have the skills and expertise to get you where you want to go 
  • Ensure you look over your work multiple times before hitting save


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