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[UPDATED] Toyota Creates Hundreds Of Customized Reports With Zoola Analytics

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  • Customer’s Business: Automobile manufacturing, distribution and sales 
  • Opportunity: Toyota’s complex hierarchy spans 42 markets throughout Latin America. Delivering training performance reports to the managers requires over 60 hours of hands-on effort per week. 
  • Solution: Zoola Analytics 
  • Results: Actionable reports on performance; management buy-in to expand training program; customized reporting; flexible business solutions.

About Toyota Latin America 

Toyota Latin America-Caribbean is comprised of 42 markets, which are broken up into 43 distributors that are responsible for business in most of the Western Hemisphere, with the exception of North America and Greenland. Adding to the complexity, Toyota uses three separate sites, powered by Lambda Learn, to accommodate the scale and distribution of their eLearning program. eLearning is important for a global company, like Toyota, because it provides consistent training across all markets at the right time that would not be possible with in-person programs. They also require periodic progress reports for all the various markets to properly report on performance.

The Challenge

Toyota Latin America needed to reduce the administrative effort of manually creating performance reports to managers across 42 markets. They also needed to provide more detailed and timely reports so the managers could effectively support their staff. 

Reports needed to be customized for each manager at least once a week, if not every other day. Before Zoola Analytics, each market would download the grades for that market, but the reports didn’t show the most important information. Managers couldn’t use the reports to take action on the users who haven’t completed training or don’t pass the courses. Toyota also couldn’t track actual completion of specific courses. This meant users were skipping the training portion and going straight to the course evaluation. As a result, the eLearning courses and exams couldn’t be properly correlated to performance. 

Toyota was investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into eLearning and training every year. With the amount of money invested, they needed to meet the needs of each specific market, know how many people were using their training—and, once they’re using it, learn how the users were engaging with their eLearning courses. Not only was this information elusive without the proper reporting, Toyota also wasn’t able to justify the value invested. They have plans to expand their training programs to officially certify their colleagues. 

Using Lambda Learn stock reports would require a single person to work six days a week at 10-12 hours per day. Even with all this time invested, the resulting stock reports still couldn’t provide the information Toyota needed. A better solution was needed.


“Zoola is so robust on so many things, and it allows for any customization we need.” - Hellmuth Sole, Toyota Regional Development Manager

The Solution

Toyota needed highly customized reports, so they worked very closely with Lambda’s support team to create the templates. Zoola Analytics’ robust functionality enabled them to do the fine tuning to get the reports they wanted. Toyota Regional Development Manager Hellmuth Sole said it was invaluable to have Lambda’s assistance when they needed help with specific requirements. “We couldn’t do it without the support of Lambda Solutions,” he said. 

Once the templates were created, Toyota developed a deep set of reports with graphical summaries that are merged into executive dashboards. These scheduled reports are now automated for delivery to the managers on a weekly basis. 

Toyota was able to quickly copy the templates across all three sites, so the reports now go out to managers across all 42 markets. Each manager receives only the information they need to see.

The Results 

Actionable Reports on Performance 

For the first time ever, Toyota Latin America has a way to correlate training to employee performance. These insights will empower them to find ways to bridge the gap between high performers and underachievers. They plan to create learning programs specifically for underachievers, which they will also track with Zoola. 

Management Buy-in to Expand Training Program 

Before using Zoola Analytics, Toyota Latin America was limited to a single certification with two courses. They are now measuring six certifications with 12 courses throughout the regional network across all three of their LMSs. Currently they have the report set up for one certification, but they can quickly and easily adapt that report to the other certifications.

Customized Reporting 

Zoola Analytics enables Toyota to set up reports specifically for each dealership manager. And instead of waiting for periodic reports to be delivered, each manager will soon be viewing the data in real time, at any time, on their own dashboard. “Zoola is so robust on so many things, and it allows for any customization we need,” Hellmuth said. 

“We were able to do a lot of fine tuning to get the reporting dashboards exactly how we want them to be.” - Hellmuth Sole, Toyota Regional Development Manager

Expert Support

Toyota Latin America benefits from the ongoing, consistent technical support that Lambda provides. As Toyota continues to do more with Zoola, they will have all the support they need to fully customize their analytics and reporting. “The support team is fantastic,” Hellmuth said. “Lambda provides contact options by support ticket, by email, by online chat—anything that makes sure I’m getting the information I need out of Zoola, I get it. The level of support you provide is really world-class. You guys have been one of the best that we’ve worked with.”

“Lambda provides contact options by support ticket, by email, by online chat—anything that makes sure I’m getting the information I need out of Zoola, I get it. The level of support you provide is really world-class.” - Hellmuth Sole, Toyota Regional Development Manager

Toyota Case Study

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