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[UPDATED] TRIEC Utilizes Lambda Analytics to Reduce Admin Time by 75% in the 1st Month

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  • Customer's Business: TRIEC provides resources to help HR and Diversity and Inclusion professionals build more inclusive workplaces and benefit from the Greater Toronto Area’s diverse immigrant talent pool.
  • Opportunity: TRIEC needed a reporting solution for evaluating all of their eLearning programs that was adaptable enough to service their varied and complex reporting needs, that was intuitive, informative, and cost-efficient.
  • Solution: Lambda Analytics Platinum Package
  • Results: In only the first month TRIEC achieved a 75% reduction of administrative time spent on reporting and a substantial improvement in the accuracy and understandability of those reports, allowing TRIEC to provide new in-demand programs.


The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) champions the skills and experience immigrants bring to the Greater Toronto Area. Their goal is to build a labour market where newcomers can succeed in their careers.

TRIEC partners with organizations across all sectors in the Greater Toronto Area in a collaborative approach to address the underemployment of immigrant professionals.

TRIEC supports organizations to become more inclusive by providing the tools, resources, frameworks, and custom-made and off-the-shelf initiatives for HR teams to implement.

This is accomplished partly through TRIEC Learning, an online hub for all of TRIEC’s learning resources. Thousands of professionals and HR/Diversity and Inclusion experts are leveraging TRIEC’s library to build more inclusive workplaces.

The Challenge

TRIEC’s online training helps their learners develop key skills and competencies relating to diversity and inclusion. TRIEC needed a reporting solution that was adaptable enough to service the various reporting needs of their stakeholders while also being intuitive, informative, and cost-effective. TRIEC’s stakeholders include employer partners, community partners, and all levels of government.

TRIEC had been relying on a rigid CSV-formatted spreadsheet to meet their reporting needs which required hours of manual data entry that was prone to human errors and technical interference, thus making it challenging to deliver reliable and intuitive reports in an accurate and timely manner.

With 7,000+ global users, TRIEC also needed to provide a seamless learning experience and required a deep understanding of interest and engagement rates of those using TRIEC’s resources.

Across the board, TRIEC needed everything to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible for non-technical users and stakeholders.

Despite the large amount of data that Moodle’s system log provides, there was still a need to interpret the data in a meaningful way to serve all of TRIEC’s needs.


"I feel confident and safe knowing that Lambda Solutions always have my back to ensure our effort to maximize the LMS and its primal purpose to serve our core audience with relevant resources. I believe understanding our core audience begins with understanding the data fed by the LMS. And Lambda Analytics makes it possible. Lambda also focuses on educating and sharing their knowledge with the clients. Lastly but not least, we appreciate the fact that the support team is always willing to go above and beyond in helping clients find appropriate solutions issues they encounter." - Jihyun Jeong, Manager, Online Learning Programs, TRIEC

The Solution

Lambda Analytics Platinum Package

Lambda Analytics allowed TRIEC to efficiently analyze the massive amounts of learning data generated by their Moodle LMS. TRIEC was able to create intuitive and informative reports and dashboards for their users and stakeholders without having to run time-consuming SQL queries, export Excel spreadsheets, and format the final reports.

This enabled TRIEC to reduce their administrative time creating and distributing reports by 75% in the first month using Lambda Analytics, while also substantially improving the accuracy of those reports by automating the processes vulnerable to human input errors.

Accurate and timely reporting has proven to be key to the success of TRIEC’s Learning Initiatives team, allowing them to evaluate their existing learning resources and improve their effectiveness, as well as develop new resources that are both relevant and indemand by their audience of learners.

The Results

Increased Reporting Accuracy & Efficiency

Just over a month after initializing Lambda Analytics, TRIEC reduced their administrative time creating and distributing reports by 75%, considerably reducing the costs of their reporting process in terms of both time and monetary costs.

“Without Lambda Analytics, I would probably spend two hours on a particular monthly report, but now it only takes half an hour,” confirmed Jihyun Jeong, TRIEC’s Manager of Online Learning Programs.

Lambda Analytics’ powerful automation takes care of the time-consuming data entry, formatting, and distribution tasks, as well as improving the accuracy of the reports by eliminating much of the human error factor in the process.

TRIEC now benefits from far more precise analytics reports that are automatically created and distributed, allowing team members to invest their time in more productive areas.

Improved Program Quality

The flexibility and adaptability of Lambda Analytics allowed TRIEC to easily create reporting solutions for evaluating existing learning resources and understanding what new courses their audiences need and want.

According to Jihyun Jeong, Lambda Analytics enabled TRIEC to improve the quality and outcomes of their existing program catalogue using reports that “are able to identify the gaps in our resources to support our audience based on this evidence.”

In particular, reports on Progress by Activity and Time Spent Summary by Activity proved indispensable in providing insights into who their active users are and what resources they are interested in. This provided TRIEC with a better picture of who their audience is, where they spend their time, how effective any particular course or resource is, and how engaged learners are with any particular program.

TRIEC reduced their administrative time creating and distributing reports by 75% in the first month!

More Relevant Program Offerings

By utilizing Lambda Analytics’ reporting solutions TRIEC could determine exactly what kind of resources and programs their users are actively searching for, providing them with the opportunity to create new high-demand courses for their learners.

This was achieved using the following Lambda Analytics reports:

  • Top 3 courses by any specific organization
  • Top 3 completed courses
  • Time spent in each module
  • Percentage of course completions by user

These reports also provided data-backed insights into which classes generate little interest from users, allowing TRIEC to identify problem areas or unutilized course offerings.

For TRIEC’s stakeholders and managers, new insights into the overall engagement and growth of their program as a whole could now be accurately assessed and distributed with these reports:

  • Active/Inactive Learners
  • Weekly new users
  • Total number of password resets
  • New subscribers’ list of organizations

Smooth Setup & Launch

Setting up and launching Lambda Analytics “was a smooth sail”, attests Jihyun Jeong, “The support team helped in resolving the minor issues we faced. I’m not an IT professional so I was concerned that we would need someone with the specific technical skills required to navigate any potential issues. However, Lambda’s easy-to-use interface and comprehensive end-user support portals, along with the learning resources, not to mention the team (customer success, implementation, and technical support) at Lambda made the implementation very pleasant and pain-free.”

Lambda Solutions’ learning analytics and LMS experts put their expertise to good use making sure that TRIEC was getting absolutely everything they needed out of their Moodle LMS using Lambda Analytics.

Superior Support

Getting things launched is one thing, but keeping everything up and running can be another area of concern entirely. “The support team was proactive and provided all the help we needed in a timely manner,” Jihyun Jeong said. “Regular check-ins with the Partner Channel Manager gives us a peace of mind and keeps us in the loop with essential updates and benefits.”

TRIEC could rest easy knowing that Lambda’s expert support team had their back with a deep understanding of the Moodle LMS and the Lambda Analytics platform. “It’s not like they sell a product and leave us alone to figure things out. It’s more like they are willing to grow together with their customers,” Jeong said of the support experience. “We had confidence knowing that their technology will add value to your business especially with an effort to reduce LMS administrator’s day-to-day burden.”

The Future Looks Bright

"We expect Lambda Analytics will continue to play a role of supporting our data-driven learning strategies. Lambda’s canned and ad hoc reports, as well as flexible data source adaptation, have allowed us to create highly customized reports. Going forward, we are planning to automate large parts of our core reporting process that we frequently reference to understand the performance of our learning initiatives. This will provide other departments with insights for strategizing their outreach efforts depending on the level of engagement and the depth of knowledge." - Jihyun Jeong, Manager, Online Learning Programs, TRIEC

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