Moodle vs. Totara

Which LMS is right for me?

Moodle and Totara are both robust and flexible learning management systems, but how do you decide which one is right for your organization? 

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What is Moodle?

Moodle is an industry leading open source learning management system to deliver your eLearning programs.   With over 85 million users and 75,000+ deployments, Moodle is a proven platform for educators, trainers and learners.

As a highly flexible LMS, Moodle can be used to conduct courses online or to support face-to-face teaching.  Functionality can be extended with over 500 plugins for assignments, quizzes, grading, certification, and social and collaborative learning.

What is Totara?

Totara is an open source distribution of Moodle.  Moodle was primarily built to suit the needs of Education where Totara was designed for Corporate Learning.   You get the same benefits of using an open source platform and leveraging Moodle with a significant increase in functionality.

So what gain do you get in functionality?  Check out our comparison chart below or click here to learn more about Totara.

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Moodle and Totara Feature Comparison

Course Creation Features

Feature Moodle Totara
Learning Outcomes   Check Mark Check Mark
Course Curriculum Learning Paths (with restrictive access)  Check Mark Check Mark
Activity & Course Completion Criteria  Check Mark Check Mark
Discussion Forums  Check Mark Check Mark
Badges  Check Mark Check Mark
Polling  Check Mark  Check Mark
Assignments  Check Mark  Check Mark
SCORM Packages  Check Mark  Check Mark
Online Content Authoring with a Rich Content Editor  Check Mark  Check Mark
Survey/Feedback  Check Mark Check Mark
Face-to Face Bookings Check Mark Check Mark
Collaborative Learning (wiki, workshops, database, glossary, chat)  Check Mark Check Mark
Quizzing  Check Mark Check Mark
User Learning Paths  Check Mark Check Mark
Program Certification Check Mark
Recertification Paths Check Mark
Program Sequential Course Sets Check Mark
Programs Check Mark

User Management

Feature Moodle Totara
Profiles   Check Mark Check Mark
Roles and Permissions  Check Mark Check Mark
Calendars  Check Mark Check Mark
Notifications (email, online, alerts)  Check Mark Check Mark
Course Enrollment  Check Mark Check Mark
Manager to Learner Relationships (My Teams)  Check Mark
Learner Appraisals/Reviews  Check Mark
360 Feedback  Check Mark
Organization Structure and Hierarchy  Check Mark
Position – Hierarchy Check Mark
HR Import  Check Mark

Standard Reporting

Feature Moodle Totara
Online Gradebook   Check Mark Check Mark
Activity and Course Completion  Check Mark Check Mark
User Transcripts  Check Mark Check Mark

Standard Integration

Feature Moodle Totara
LDAP/AD Integration   Check Mark Check Mark
Activity and Course Completion  Check Mark Check Mark
Standard Repositories Check Mark Check Mark

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