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Why Select a Moodle Theme?


Increase User Engagement

Maximize LMS adoption with a familiar look and feel of your brand, reducing the sense of change.


Decrease Costs

Eliminate the cost of custom development by choosing a point-and-click configurable theme for Moodle or Totara.


Reduce Complexity

Reduce complexity by having an end-to-end expert create, support and maintain your learning management system theme.

We have Three Moodle Themes for your to Choose from: Basic, Configurable or Custom!

Theme Configurable

Lambda Liquid Theme

The Lambda Liquid Theme expands on the Lambda Basic Theme by providing the ability to create a unique and informative homepage for your site. By updating the point-and-click options you can create and publish rotating banners, special offers, alert messages, social media links and partner spots for your homepage without engaging expensive custom work. This theme also uses a responsive design that provides a positive user experience across different mobile devices, including tablets and smart phones.

Theme Basic

Lambda Basic Theme

The Lambda Basic Theme can be quickly and easily changed including logos, link colors and block background colors.  This theme is mobile optimized and uses a responsive design to provide a positive user experience across different device sizes, including tablets and smart phones.

Theme Custom

Lambda Custom Theme

Themes can also be fully customized to suit your specific branding requirements. We can design and develop the theme from scratch to match your organization’s existing site or design. This is a completely custom project that we would work to define with you. Get in touch with us to learn more.

“There is absolutely no way we could have done it with just our own IT people. Lambda takes care of the Moodle LMS that powers our business.”

Mick Moffitt | Training Division CEO

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