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[UPDATED] The Top 10 Moodle Plugins

May 10, 2023 | 4 Min Read

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With hundreds of Moodle plugins created by the open source community, it can be challenging to choose the plugins that are best for your learners. To make things a bit easier for you, we have compiled the top 10 Moodle plugins available to help you maximize your LMS for achieving your training and learning goals.

1. Completion Progress

This popular time-management plugin is a helpful aid for students who benefit from visual reminders. The Completion Progress block is colour-coded for up and coming activities to be completed, and allows for teacher oversight so educators may intervene and help students at risk of falling behind. It also features innovative and helpful activity completion settings and combined progress.

image Moodle Plugin Completion Progress screenshot

2. Custom Certificate

The Custom Certificate plugin allows you to create dynamic and fully-customizable PDF certificates using only your web browser. Perfect for tracking and proving course and certification completion, Custom Certificate proves unique verification codes for each certification so that you can confirm it is an authentic accreditation. You can also set custom requirements for issuing a certificate based on data from your Moodle LMS, such as time spent in the course. 

image Moodle Plugin - Custom certificate example


3. VeriCite

VeriCite is the best option for detecting plagiarism. Easy to use and cost-effective, your instructors can fight plagiarism without having to commit huge amounts of time and effort. This plugin scans text and compares it to data from millions of academic websites that include books, journals, articles, open educational resources, and more. It can even detect self-plagiarism and comes with a 60-day free evaluation trial.

image Moodle Plugin - Vericite screenshot


Note that as of February 2019, VeriCite was acquired by Turnitin. At the time of publication, no changes have been announced to VeriCite’s services or pricing, and bringing the industry’s two largest plagiarism-fighting platforms together should benefit everyone.

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4. Email-Based Self-Registration with Admin Confirmation

The email-based self-registration with admin confirmation plugin enables your administrators to confirm course registrations with a single click. Once confirmed, a fully-customizable “Welcome!” email will be automatically sent to the user, making enrolments as easy as possible for learners and administrators alike.

image Email-Based Self-Registration with Admin Confirmation screenshotSource:


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5. SAML2 Single Sign-On Authentication

Instantly improve your User Experience by providing one simple, secure log-in for your LMS, while keeping your LMS secure and reducing administrative strain. This plugin is 100% configured for Moodle’s GUI, no installation required and supports back channel Single Logout. It also comes with options to enable Dual Login or Forced Login, automatic certificate creation, and automatic user creation.

image Moodle Plugin - SAML2 SSO Administration Plugins Authentication Settings screenshot



6. Zoom Meeting

Zoom is an established video and web conferencing platform with a plugin for Moodle that gives your authorized users the ability to host online video and voice calls or meetings with up to 50 participants. The Zoom Meeting plugin is designed to integrate flawlessly with Moodle, making it easy to create, synchronize, and backup/restore your video conferences and meetings, providing must-have functionality for today’s eLearning environment.

image Moodle Plugin - Zoom Meeting Add a Meeting SettingSource:

7. Onetopic Format

Based on the Moodle standard ‘Topic’ format, the Onetopic format allows for an easy-to-navigate display of each topic within a single tab - all while keeping an open tab between calls to resources. Recently updated to include compatibility with Moodle 3.5, when the format returns from its original location it can return as a blog or glossary.

image Moodle Plugin - Onetopic screenshot



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8. Interactive Content - H5P

A powerful and free content creator inside your LMS, capable of producing quizzes, interactive video, and collages, Interactive Content H5P also allows you to reuse and share content, and even make changes like translating to other languages. It’s open source, free to use, HTML5 compatible, and very responsive.

 image Moodle H5P example

9. Adaptable

Adaptable is a Moodle Theme with a two column setup that is highly customizable and fully responsive for use on desktop and mobile platforms. The Adaptable Theme gives you the freedom to brand, configure, and customize your LMS to meet your exact expectations, whether you're a start-up, an established University, or anywhere in between. 


10. Moove Theme

This is a modern theme that makes online eLearning environments cleaner, simpler, and more intuitive for both students and teachers. Moove features an intuitive, colourful layout that allows users to maximize the space of their environment, minimizing both side columns to focus on main content.

image Moodle Moove theme screenshot

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image Lambda Analytics Dashboard example

Elevate Your LMS Experience with Moodle Plugins

Based on this list of the top Moodle plugins, you can see how open source LMS solutions like Moodle offer a wealth of dynamic options to compliment your eLearning experiences. Moodle plugins are tailored to help make learning an enjoyable experience while bolstering powerful reporting and analytics tools to accurately track data to ensure progression and growth. We recommend any of these choices as viable ways to elevate your Moodle LMS experience, but there are more than just ten!

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