September 19 2019

    Moodle vs Totara: Which LMS is Right for Me?

    Written by Lambda Solutions

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    Moodle and Totara are both robust and flexible learning management systems, but how do you decide which one is right for your organization?


    What is Moodle?

    Moodle is an industry leading open source learning management system to deliver your eLearning programs. With over 180,000,000 users in 200+ countries, Moodle is a proven platform for educators, trainers and learners.

    As a highly flexible LMS, Moodle can be used to conduct courses online or to support face-to-face teaching. Functionality can be extended with over 500 plugins for assignments, quizzes, grading, certification, and social and collaborative learning.


    More About Moodle

    READ MORE: For more details on Moodle, check out our Moodle User Guide Chapter 1: An Introduction To Moodle, which will provide you with an overview of what Moodle can do and how it has been utilized across different industries.


    What is Totara Learn?

    Totara is an open source distribution of Moodle.  Moodle was primarily built to suit the needs of Education where Totara was designed for Corporate Learning. You get the same benefits of using an open source platform and leveraging Moodle with a significant increase in functionality.

    So what gain do you get in functionality?  Check out our comparison chart below or click here to learn more about Totara.


    More About Totara


    Totara Learn 12 and Moodle 3.8 Feature Comparison

    There are many similarities between the two popular open-source LMS options and we are here to help you identify which fits with your needs:

    Evaluation an Measuring Engagement

    Feature Totara Moodle
    Feedback (evaluations)
    Conditional feedback questions
    Feedback reminders  
    Choice (polling)








    Course Management

    Feature Totara Moodle
    Multiple course formats
    Activity completion criteria
    Course completion criteria
    Course completion upload  
    Course completion editor  
    Bulk course creation
    Recycle bin
    LTI Integration

    Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

    • deliver & track in-person training across multiple locations
    • room and resource inventory management (double booking prevention)
    • performance & attendance tracking



















    Feature Totara Moodle
    Points, awards, leaderboards, and badges
    H5P Interactive Content




    Content API’s / Web Services

    Feature Totara Moodle
    Web services for user management, course enrollment, grades, and SSO  



    Language and Localization

    Feature Totara Moodle
    Interface translated in over 25 languages
    Site and user time-zones
    Content language tagging
    Restrict view content by language  







    Social Learning

    Feature Totara Moodle
    Forums, wikis, shared glossaries, shared databases, workshops, group assignments
    User-to-user messaging
    User-to-user messaging - Mute Conversations  
    Forums - Instructors can add private reply’s  
    Group messaging  










    Access Management

    Feature Totara Moodle
    Guest access
    Self registration
    Self registration with approval  
    Password policy
    Custom access rights










    Catalogue Management

    Feature Totara Moodle
    Categories and subcategories
    Backup and restore
    Custom course fields
    Custom catalogue search and filters  
    Custom course and program icons  
    Custom tile-based course catalogue  











    Enrollment Management

    Feature Totara Moodle
    Manual and self enrollment
    Cohort based enrollment
    Audience based enrollment
    Competency  based enrollment
    Learning plan based enrollment  
    Self-enrollment with audience restriction  
    Direct seminar event enrollment  
    Direct seminar event enrollment with audience restriction  















    Feature Totara Moodle
    Organizational hierarchies  
    Positional hierarchies  
    Competency hierarchies
    Import competency hierarchy
    Export competency hierarchy
    Competencies linked to courses
    Competencies linked to activities  
    Custom competency completion scales  
    Positions & organizations linked to competencies  
    Positions & organizations linked to company goals  















    Talent Management and Succession Planning

    Feature Totara Moodle
    Position and organization competencies added to learning plans  
    Competency types
    Proficiency achieved date  





    Content Marketplace

    Feature Totara Moodle
    eLearning content marketplace with GO1  
    Integration with OpenSesame  




    Learner Personalization

    Feature Totara Moodle
    Alerts and tasks  
    My learning dashboard
    Multiple dashboard(s)  
    Record of learning
    Current learning/course overview
    Activity completion based progress display
    User tours












    Assessment and Achievement

    Feature Totara Moodle
    Open badges
    Badge issue for course completion
    Badge issue for program completion  
    Badge issue for audience membership  
    Custom certificates  
    Quiz tool
    Gradebook and grading
    Marking rubrics and workflows















    Design and Navigation

    Feature Totara Moodle
    Audience based dashboards  
    Custom main menus
    Audience based navigation  
    Customizable responsive theme
    Customizable user menu
    Font based icons
    Featured links block  
    Block-by-block customization  
    Main navigation menu items visibility based on dynamic rules  
    Full-length block regions at top and bottom of a page for dashboards, frontpage, and course pages  
    Admin-by-admin customizable administration menu  


















    Adaptive Learning

    Feature Totara Moodle
    Program management  
    Conditional dividers between course sets  
    Activity completion tracking
    Activity access restrictions
    Activity relative dates (due dates relative to users start date) 
    Activity access restrictions unlock delay after completion of other activities  












    Performance Management

    Feature Totara Moodle
    Track informal learning with uploading evidence  
    Employee appraisals  
    360 reviews  












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