November 7 2018

5 Best Moodle Themes for Version 3.5

Written by Lambda Solutions

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The theme you apply to your Moodle website helps shape the user experience of your learners. A good theme should be clean, functional, and make your LMS features easy to navigate. Here are five effective themes for your Moodle 3.5 website.

1. Adaptable

Adaptable stands out thanks to its flexibility and highly-customizable features. It is better suited to advanced users and those who have a solid grasp of instructional design.

This responsive theme allows you to design a unique learning experience by choosing colours, block styles, icons, buttons and fonts. You can use a convenient drag and drop feature to build your different pages and create customized menus. Consider this high level of customization if branding is one of your priorities, or if you want to create a Moodle site designed for user journeys that are specific to your audience for a seamless and immersive experience to boost engagement.

2. Moove

Moove is one of the best free Moodle themes. It is modern and minimalistic. This theme is a great option if you are just getting started with developing an online training program and aren't ready to pay for a theme.

Moove features a functional front page that helps users review available courses and access features such as reviewing activities or tracking their progress. Each individual course page displays a user's progress.

This Moodle theme relies on blocks and other simple elements to simplify different user journeys. Despite its minimalistic appearance, this theme has everything you need to create an engaging learning environment that will encourage learners to adopt a proactive attitude. 

3. Fordson

Fordson takes your Moodle theme from bland to grand with a focus on creating visually stimulating styles. Ideal for anyone looking to provide teachers and students with an easy to use, utilize, and customizable option that puts the user experience first.

Working with feedback from both teachers and students, Fordson features optimized layout and style combinations that give you over 100 unique theme style combinations to choose from, while providing easy navigation that gets out of the way of the learning process.

4. Essential

Essential is exactly that: all the essential functionality you want for your LMS with the customization options to make it looks exactly the way you want.

Tried and tested by thousands of users, Essential is ranked Number 1 for all available third party themes. No matter what you want, this Moodle theme can deliver.

Clean, functional, and fully customizable, this Moodle theme can be used to build homepages, sales pages, or any other custom page that you need. Essential also features dynamic social media integration for your page, along with Font Awesome and Google Web Font utilization for better performance without sacrificing style.

5. Edwiser RemUI

RemUI boasts a brilliant user experience, both on the front and backend, with all the customization options and utility you could possibly need, without sacrificing simplicity of use for teachers, students, and administrators.

A great option for anyone looking for a top quality user experience that is as easy to use as student, teacher, or administrator.

Get more from your LMS with the theme built with the user experience prioritized. Adding improved functionality for Moodle features including course archives, calendar,  language and translation support, user profiles pages, progress reporting, and more.

Note that RemUI requires a license from a third party service partner Edwiser.

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