July 19 2016

Lambda Solutions Helps Continuum Transition to Managed Cloud Hosting

Written by Nimritta Parmar

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Lambda Solutions recently conducted a case study with Continuum Managed Services which was released today. This case study embodies the trend of global companies moving their training systems out-of-house, and leveraging new technologies to improve training and save time and money.

Lambda successfully launched Continuum's cloud hosted LMS, and was able to scale to their growth, and accommodate their rapidly increasing number of users. New learning technologies like Lambda’s Moodle are able to combine technical features and capacity — in this case, Lambda worked closely with Continuum to integrate with the Single Sign On (SSO) services, building a learner focused environment to grow and scale with Continuum’s technology strategy.

Jennifer Roadman, Continuum Partner Education Manager, said she knew she wanted to stick with Moodle.  “I worked with Moodle for about 5 years prior to joining Continuum, and because it’s so customizable, I knew it would be perfect.”

Happy with her existing learning technology, she needed a cloud hosting provider who could support her online training needs. Continuum selected Lambda Solutions after assessing their expertise and experience working with Moodle.

With an expert Moodle hosting provider to take care of their support and IT requests, Continuum was able save a significant amount of time, and improve their system performance and experience. With the ability to provide better training, Continuum was also able to provide more partners with information on their service and compliance standards, which ultimately supported their growing client base. “Lambda put together the right team to to do the work, and kept us informed every step of the way,” notes Roadman.

Read the entire Continuum Case Study to find out more about how Lambda helped Continuum save time, improve system admin experience, and outstanding customer service.

About Lambda Solutions

As an LMS solutions provider, Lambda Solutions manages, hosts and supports some of the world’s largest Learning Management Systems, helping to deliver online learning and training for over one million users. We’re different because we’re data-driven - we built Zoola Analytics to extend and enhance the reporting capabilities Moodle and Totara LMS. With access to all learning data, you can drag-and-drop to create reports on any aspect of learner and course activity - in minutes. Lambda Solutions also provides LMS training and certification, set-up/configuration, data migration and integration, and development services. Lambda Solutions is a Moodle certified services partner and a Totara Platinum partner. The company has offices in the United States and Canada. For more information, visit www.lambdasolutions.net.

About Continuum

Based in Boston, Continuum Managed Services is the only channel-exclusive IT management platform company. Continuum provides remote monitoring and management, backup and disaster recovery software, tools, maintenance and support for over 50,000 small and medium-sized end user customers and web hosting providers protecting nearly 250,000 servers worldwide, through a network of 5,800 partners. Being channel-exclusive, Continuum relies on partners to possess the necessary skills and knowledge about their platform, and can expertly apply it to their end customers, to ensure that over one million endpoints around the world - including computers, phones, printers, modems, bridges, hubs and switches - are efficiently monitored and maintained. For more information, visit https://www.continuum.net

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