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Why Totara?


Features unique to Totara Learn include:

  • Program certifications paths
  • Manager to learner relationships (my team)
  • Learner appraisals/reviews
  • Organization structure and hierarchy
  • HR import, competencies, employee appraisals
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Subaru Canada wins Best Manufacturing Project in 2019 Totara Awards! 

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Compare Moodle and Totara Learn


One thing I love about Totara is that when building training programs, we can do different sections of courses. We can have online training courses and instructor led courses that can be mandatory or optional for certain skill levels in separate distinct roles, creating awareness of available courses not assigned, including the ability to participate in these optional courses without affecting their yearly certification program.

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Dean Phillips

Director, Subaru Academy, Strategy & Technology, Subaru Canada, Inc.

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By far the biggest benefit that we have received from our [Totara] LMS is the ability to have proper support generated automatically. Previous to our new LMS, that was a copy and paste exercise, we hand-typed, printed and scanned reports to the case manager and student. It’s now built directly into the LMS, and automatically populates that part of support, automatically sends the progress report to the case manager and student. A process that normally took us upwards of 25 hours a week, now takes us maybe 2 or 3.

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Dana Janssen

COO, MedCerts

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We definitely made the right decision going with Lambda Solutions. We have been able to reduce our overall costs, increase topline revenue and deliver a superior online training experience—all at the same time. That is a very tough thing to do and we were able to accomplish all three, immediately from launch.

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Mike Montague

Vice President of Online Learning & Development, Sandler Systems, Inc.

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