May 25 2016

Lambda Solutions Releases 4 New Plugins to Track Time Spent Learning

Written by Nimritta Parmar

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Measuring and tracking how much time learners actively spend in courses has become easier than ever, with Lambda Solutions’ set of four new plugins built for Moodle and Totara LMS. The plugins are Time Spent Learning, Time Tracker, Time Spent - Activity Restriction, and Course Time Tracker Block.

“We are excited to release these new plugins exclusively to our clients,” remarks Ben Young, Director of Learning Solutions at Lambda Solutions. “We look forward to seeing how they will be applied in the online classroom, and what impact they will have on learning assessments.”

Improving on Moodle and Totara’s time-based tracking of participants, these new plugins are designed to ensure a predetermined minimum amount of time is spent active in a course - that includes learning resources and activities - by each student. The plugins can detect if a learner is present, and restrict access to subsequent activities if they have not fulfilled their minimum time spent learning.

The plugins are also integrated with Lambda Zoola™, Lambda’s reporting and analytics solution, to build and publish reports of the data generated.

The Plugins:

  1. The Time Spent Learning plugin keeps a record of user activity by running calculations on the logs.
  2. The Time Tracker plugin tracks and confirms the learner’s presence in course activities with an alert window. If the learner does not respond to the alert, the time tracking is paused.
  3. Time Spent - Activity Restriction plugin allows admin to restrict learners access to certain activities if they haven’t spent enough time learning, and also lock down activities after a maximum time has been reached.
  4. Course Time Tracker Block provides a visualization of how much time has been accumulated in the course, along with options to display the required minimum time, and maximum time, via course block setting.

To learn more about the Time Spent Learning Plugins Set,  contact us.

About Lambda Solutions:

Founded in 2002, Lambda Solutions provides learning and talent management solutions based on an open technology platform. Lambda Solutions works with both institutional and corporate clients to help them achieve better learning outcomes and increase the value of their human capital. More than half a million people learn every day on their managed hosting platforms. Focused on healthcare, education and corporate training, Lambda Solutions provides systems integration, customization, training and support to enterprise-class customers, including Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Alberta Blue Cross, and Canada Health. Lambda Solutions is a Moodle certified services partner and a Totara Platinum partner. The company has offices in the United States, Europe, and Canada. For more information,visit


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