April 29 2014

Lambda Solutions Endorses Learning Health System

Written by Nimritta Parmar

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Vancouver, Canada – April 29, 2014  Lambda Solutions, a leader in open learning and talent management systems, today announced its endorsement for the Learning Health System Core Values.

The Learning Health System (LHS) is envisioned as an ultra large-scale information infrastructure that will aggregate data from disparate sources, convert that data to knowledge, and disseminate this knowledge in actionable forms, to everyone who can benefit. The LHS infrastructure will support biomedical research, disease surveillance, health care quality improvement, and other public health services.

“We are proud to join the almost sixty other organizations in endorsing the forward thinking Learning Health System,” said Shevy Levy, CEO at Lambda Solutions. “Wiring the healthcare system together takes advantage of the Big Data generated by hundreds of research institutions, thousands of points of care and millions of patient experiences in order to monitor disease outbreaks in real time, reducing the gap between research and clinical utility to improve patient care.”

“Realizing such a profound and sustained transformation of healthcare and health is too big and important an undertaking for any one organization, stakeholder type, or even sector to achieve alone,” said Joshua Rubin, JD, MBA, MPH, MPP, a founding member of the Interim Steering Committee of the Learning Health Community. “The project requires a grassroots movement in which multiple and diverse stakeholders work together to bring the gift of health to current and future generations, across our nation and around the world. We welcome Lambda to our growing community.”

Lambda Solutions focuses on providing open platform services for talent development in healthcare. The talent management systems that healthcare providers run on Lambda’s platform will house billions of data points regarding clinical workflows that may contribute to the LHS. “We will ensure our platform will meet the LHS standards for interoperability and data federation in order for our clients to participate fully in the LHS project,” said Levy. “The Learning Health System is a visionary project poised to turn the disparate silos of data in the massive United States healthcare system into a connected system that we can all use to improve understanding and clinical outcomes.”

About the Learning Health System Vision and the Learning Health Community

The national-scale, person-centered, continuous and rapid Learning Health System (LHS) will improve the health of individuals and populations. The LHS will accomplish this by generating information and knowledge from data captured and updated over time—as an ongoing and natural by-product of contributions by individuals, care delivery systems, public health programs, and clinical research—and sharing and disseminating what is learned in timely and actionable forms that directly enable individuals, clinicians, and public health entities to separately and collaboratively make informed health decisions. The Learning Health Community aims to mobilize and empower multiple and diverse stakeholders to collaboratively realize a national-scale (and ultimately global) Learning Health System, consistent with the LHS Core Values that bond the participants in this Community together. The Community will galvanize a multi-stakeholder grassroots movement to realize this vision.

About Lambda Solutions

Founded in 2002, Lambda Solutions provides learning and talent management solutions based on an open technology platform. Lambda Solutions works with both institutional and corporate clients to help them achieve better learning outcomes and increase the value of their human capital. More than half a million people learn every day on their managed hosting platforms. Focused on healthcare, education and government, Lambda Solutions provides systems integration, customization, training and support to enterprise-class customers, includingChildren’s Hospital Los Angeles, Clinical Difference, Care and Compliance Group, and Rutgers University. Lambda Solutions is a Moodle certified services partner and a Totara platinum partner. The company has offices in the United States and Canada.

For more information, visit www.lambdasolutions.net

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