April 13 2015

Lambda Solutions Releases New LMS Reporting and Analytics Solution

Written by Nimritta Parmar

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“We are excited to provide our customers with a real reporting solution; one that finally addresses all of their requirements, and eliminates LMS reporting frustrations” comments Stewart Rogers, Director of Product Management. He adds further, “Customers can use Analytika™  to see and understand the effectiveness of their learning programs, and truly justify the value these programs have to the overall organization.”

Problems Analytika™  Addresses

Three large pain-points that exist for LMS users are limited access to data, limited capabilities to analyze data, and limited options to present data for administrators, managers and students. With Analytika™ , you can create interactive lists, a variety of graphical charts, detailed reports, and executive dashboards that allow you to explore your data, and truly understand the value of your learning programs. You can run out-of-the-box reports, and create ad hoc reports to better analyze your data and gain a holistic picture of the learning and talent development that occurs within your organization. Finally, with automation and sharing functions, you can better present your data in intuitive ways for better uptake and understanding.

What Analytika™  has to Offer

Lambda Analytika™  provides you with out-of-the-box reports, total control over your reports, and complete access to your learning data. You can create ad hoc reports, data visualizations, and executive dashboards. Ultimately, Analytika™  allows you to cut back on the time you spend creating reports so you can allocate your time to what’s important to your organization.

“Analytika™  is the first of many exciting advancements here at Lambda Solutions” comments Shevy Levy, CEO and Founder. She further adds, “The learning and talent development technology market is on the brink of major changes that will ultimately better the lives of knowledge workers by simplifying antiquated systems and processes. We are proud to be a part of the change, with this new reporting solution”.


Lambda Analytika™  will be available for purchase in Summer 2015, for use with Totara LMS.

About Lambda Solutions

Founded in 2002, Lambda Solutions provides learning and talent management solutions based on an open technology platform. Lambda Solutions works with organizations to help them achieve better learning outcomes and develop the value of their human resources. Focused on corporate training, healthcare, education and government, Lambda Solutions provides expertise, systems integration, customization, training and support to customers, including Four Seasons Hotels, CGI, Rutgers University, and the Canadian International Development Agency. The company has offices in the United States and Canada. For more information, visit www.lambdasolutions.net


Brent Harvey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing


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