October 21 2014

5 ways the Healthcare Cloud is Improving Patient Outcomes

Written by Lambda Solutions

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healthcare cloud computingAccording to a study from HIMMS Analytics, 83% of healthcare provider organizations are using cloud-based technologies—66.9% of these healthcare cloud-based technologies are SaaS-based applications. While adoption of cloud-based technologies in the healthcare industry has been slow, trust is building and adoption rates are increasing at a faster and faster rate. As the domino effect continues, MarketandMarkets cites that a large number of healthcare organizations are beginning to plan for migration to the cloud in the next five years. The top 3 reasons healthcare organizations are moving to a healthcare cloud include: reduction in IT maintenance costs, speed of deployment and staff challenges associated with supporting on premise alternatives.

In lieu of the growing adoption of cloud-based technologies in healthcare, MarketsandMarkets research expects the global healthcare cloud computing market to grow to $5.4 billion by 2017 signaling for some significant changes and reorganization in the upcoming years. Here are four of the cloud-based technologies in healthcare that we believe are going to allow for better healthcare delivery and improved patient outcomes.

1. Monitoring Health

With cloud-based applications, doctors will soon be able to monitor patient health through a steady stream of data that will be securely uploaded and accessed via the cloud. This will allow clinicians to monitor patient health through diet, exercise, blood pressure, cholesterol and many other self-checked health data. Automated analysis will then provide indication if a patient needs to see a doctor or if irregularities present themselves, alert a doctor for further analysis.

2. Better Information = Better Diagnosis and Treatment

Cloud-based information management systems also have the ability to store personal health records in a single location so that they can be securely accessed by a team of clinicians working on diagnosis and treatment. Can you imagine how much time will be saved not having to transport medical records between hospitals and clinical centers? Having a full and complete medical history stored in a single place will provide doctors and specialists with a better picture of your health issues which will in turn improve diagnosis and treatments provided.

3. Better Learning and Training Outcomes

With cloud-based learning and talent management solutions for clinical education and training, 24/7 accessible online learning will ensure that healthcare staff benefit from consistent and up to date training. Patient risk will reduce as protocols and practices are consistently taught, decreasing the likelihood of mistakes an mix-ups. Healthcare cloud-based learning management systems also provide clinicians with access to relevant research and best practices that are peer reviewed through an algorithmic system that ranks research higher based on 'likes' and positive commentary. As a clinician, can you imagine how patient outcomes could improve if you had access to the right information at the right time?

4. Recovery and Consistency of Care

Patients on paths of rehabilitation typically have long journeys of extensive routine to bring ailments back to normal functionality. With cloud-based rehabilitation platforms, patients’ recovery plans can be uploaded and monitored ensuring activities are remembered and progress is tracked. Platforms such as these will also allow both patients and doctors to aggregate detailed notes so that important information can be looked back on if issues arise in the future. Note/comment fields such as these will also allow doctors and patients to communicate remotely so check-up appointments are minimized.

5. Patient Relationship Management

Companies like Practice Fusion offer doctors a free cloud-based electronic medical records software for managing relationships with patients. The technology also allows patients to schedule appointments with registered doctors at times that fit into their schedule. If a doctor or specialist is not booked up and the patient wants to book someone else, he or she is provided with a full list of nearby GP’s and specialists. Additional services received include doctor ratings and reviews from other patients—one day soon Practice Fusion hope to add information on doctors who have amazing patient outcomes.


The opportunities that arise due the healthcare cloud are truly endless. At Lambda Solutions we are very excited to see and experience the positive outcomes that arise in healthcare as more organizations adopt the healthcare cloud and as more innovators discover ways to utilize the cloud for social good.


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