Learning for hospital compliance, to improve nursing outcomes,
and match employee competencies

The healthcare sector is experiencing massive growth and is under pressure to do more within constrained budgets

Not only that, but healthcare professionals work in high-stress environments, where lives depend on them having the most up-to-date information. Lambda Solutions has worked with leading healthcare providers across North America to overcome their training challenges and improve patient outcomes. Online education, training, competency management, and accreditation can play a significant role when you are dealing with organizational growth and change.


Top 3 Benefits of Online Learning for Healthcare

Patient Outcomes

Improve Patient Outcomes

Standards of care are continually improving, and new methods are emerging all the time. Online learning presents a unique opportunity to ensure that your teams can keep up with best practices by making it possible to rapidly train people on many different campuses and across shifts.

Employee Progress Tracking

Keep Track of Employee Progress

A learning management system automates the process of keeping track of employee progress, including CME credits, certifications, course completion, and personal training goals. Human resources can  quickly identify people who may be ready for promotion, or who might need to upgrade their skills in order to maintain their status.

Foster Competency

Foster Competencies & Reduce Risk

Model competency-based best practices in continuing medical education courses not only ensures consistency of care, it also standardizes training content. Reduced variation subsequently reduces risk that may be introduced by inconsistent training. Any necessary changes can be made quickly with only one set of course materials to alter.

Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance

IRIS Vision


Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Children's Hospital of Los Angeles

Ethica Health and Retirement Communities

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“Most of the Moodle service providers we spoke with were primarily working in the corporate and education sector. It is a huge plus to partner with a Moodle hosting service provider who has experience in the healthcare sector.”

Bridget Clementi | Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Executive Director, Community Health and Education

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