January 9 2018

Zoola Analytics™ and Lern.link form a Strategic Partnership to Complete their LMS Offering

Written by Nimritta Parmar

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January 9, 2018 [Vancouver, BC]  Zoola Analytics and Lern.link announced today that they will be forming a strategic partnership. Zoola Analytics, powered by Canadian LMS provider Lambda Solutions, is the leading reporting and analytics solution for open-source LMSs Moodle and Totara Learn and xAPI learning technologies. Lern.link is a full service provider for eLearning software and content solutions based in Germany.

“As we look to the future of Lern.link, Zoola Analytics is a key factor to our success.” said Guido Hornig, Owner of Lern.link.The demand has been constantly growing from our customers to be able to access their learning data and create meaningful ad hoc reports. We have been looking for the right analytics solution and no one else is doing what Zoola is.

“Zoola Analytics is the pioneer in the learning analytics industry. In this increasingly data-driven world, having a robust reporting tool offering to enhance a traditional learning management solution is not optional for solutions providers - it is a necessity.” says Shevy Levy, CEO of Lambda Solutions.“

About Zoola Analytics  (Powered by Lambda Solutions):

Zoola Analytics powered by Lambda Solutions, is the market-leading reporting and analytics solution for Moodle, Totara Learn, and xAPI learning technologies. Zoola provides secure access to all of your LMS data and empowers users to quickly and easily create actionable reports and customizable dashboards. Gain real insights from your learning data in minutes, instead of days and have the latest information at your fingertips. Zoola is backed by Lambda Solutions’ decades of expertise in the Learning Management space. Our complete solution includes a full range of training and services to give you the support you need now and in the future. For more information: lambdasolutions.net/products/lmsreporting.

About Lern.link:
Lern.link is a e-learning full service provide for e-learning software and content solutions. The company offers SME consulting with pragmatic approach for fast solutions and long term consulting. This includes strategy and concept development, user training, software solution selection , customization, installation, hosting and end-user support. lern.link was funded by Guido Hornig, who is delivering innovations in the field of e-learning, corporate training and software development since 1999. To learn more, visit: https://lern.link/project/zoola-analytics/.

Lern.link ist ein E-Learning-Komplettanbieter für E-Learning software und Lerncontent-Lösungen. Das Unternehmen bietet vor allem Mittelständischen Unternehmen pragmatisch orientierte Beratung und langfristige Projektbetreuung inkl. Strategie-und Konzeptberatung, Anwender-Training, Software-Auswahl, Anpassung, Installation, Hosting und Enduser-Support. Gegründet wurde lern.link von Guido Hornig, der seit 1999 im Bereich e-Learning-Forschung, Trainings- und Softwareentwicklung für Innovationen sorgt https://lern.link/project/zoola-analytics/.


Media Contact for Zoola Analytics and Lambda Solutions:
Heidi King |Director of Marketing
(604) 398-3396| heidi.king@lambdasolutions.net

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