Zoola November Newsletter Zoola Report Focus- Quiz Question Attempt Summary


Zoola Report Focus: Quiz Question Attempt Summary

November 8, 2019 | 1 Min Read

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As a long-time educator, I know how important it is to have good quality questions in a quiz.  Back in the day when I was grading paper exams, sometimes 300 at a time, I would notice that I was marking certain questions incorrect on most of the papers, which would lead me to look at the question and see an error or a typo or ambiguous phrasing.  Fixing this was just as time consuming as finding it. But, now we have Moodle to grade exams and Zoola Analytics to show us where we might have problematic questions in our quizzes.  

Our Quiz Question Attempt Summary report is designed to do just this.  This report gives you, in a quick glance, how many times each question in a quiz was graded correct, partial, or incorrect.  

The report is grouped by the course and the quiz, then you’ll see the totals of each question results below.


Zoola November Newsletter - 17. Quiz labels

And in this detail, I can see that the last two questions may warrant review, as there were multiple attempts at these questions with many of those attempts graded only partially and some graded incorrect. 

Zoola November Newsletter - 18 Quiz Question detail

Out of the box, you can filter by user, course category, course, quiz, question.  To modify the report, see the Ad Hoc View: Quiz Questions Summary Data Table View



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