eCommerce and LMS solution for Nonprofits


The eCommerce and LMS Solution for Nonprofits

August 28, 2019 | 4 Min Read

Solve The eLearning Professional’s Biggest Challenges: How To Get The Most From Your Budget While Increasing ROI

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Nonprofit organizations are used to leveraging every ounce of value from their investments, especially when it comes to the latest technology innovations. Learning Management Systems (LMS) are a great way to solve training issues and provide a cost-effective platform for eCommerce, staff communication, content organization, and more. Check out the following overview of eLearning and eCommerce capabilities that nonprofits should consider.

How can eLearning support nonprofit objectives?

A central element of nonprofit operations is the development of lasting and successful relationships. Nonprofits understand the value of a connected network, and of course, are not primarily interested in making sales. When communication and networking are at the heart of an organization’s business model, an LMS can help.

LMS platforms excel in promoting remote communication, organization, and optimized learning. Moodle can be utilized by nonprofits to host and work on content, as well as create online communities. Choosing an open source LMS also means nonprofits can experiment with these features without the need for a significant investment.

Training nonprofit volunteers

Volunteers are often the lifeblood of nonprofits and can be invaluable in their contributions. In some cases, however, enthusiasm may outweigh know-how, especially when a nonprofit is focused on niche or complex issues. In these cases, eLearning can help new volunteers on-board with your projects and your team, by consolidating and optimizing their training.


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Using an LMS to implement a formal training program will establish a minimum competency for relevant roles within a nonprofit. Many volunteers will also appreciate the investment in training, as an added benefit of being part of your organization.

A customizable LMS allows administrators to tailor eLearning, making sure that training fits alongside other commitments. Microlearning, for example, is a perfect solution for an on-the-go work environment, where volunteers are likely to have considerable time constraints.


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The benefits of eCommerce for nonprofits

Although nonprofits may not be so interested in corporate business models, many find that an eCommerce functionality can effectively support their objectives, while still remaining aligned with their vision. Some nonprofits use eCommerce to offer catalogues including charitable services and products, like medical care, agricultural support, or educational materials. Using eCommerce for this purpose is a great way of giving supporters the chance to donate in a clear and meaningful way.

Other benefits of eCommerce for nonprofits include the ability to sell products that contribute to overheads or brand awareness. Many organizations look to sell similar kinds of merchandise, whether that’s expeditions and experiences, or t-shirts and hats. Because of this, it can be worth enlisting the help of a marketer or graphic designer, to make sure your products stand out from the crowd.


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Using eCommerce to tell (and sell) your nonprofit story

As any successful nonprofit knows, it’s an organization’s stories, not their latest financial reports, that resonate most with funders. eCommerce can help increase contributions and donations by adding consistency and weight to your brand’s story. This might be achieved by supporting your narrative with products, graphics, and offerings that show how your nonprofit has presence and impact in the real world.


Integrating eCommerce into an LMS

Happily for resource-limited nonprofits, an LMS can integrate eLearning and eCommerce within a single platform, such as the Lambda Suite. This all-in-one business solution brings eCommerce, Analytics Reporting, and Learning Management System together to addresses the biggest challenges faced by eLearning professionals.


The storefront you choose to display eLearning and other products should prioritize the experience of users. The more seamless the buying process, the more likely that potential customers will convert into sales. For this reason, an optimized UX remains important whether your goal is to promote courses, volunteer experiences, charitable serves, or merchandise. As an eCommerce and eLearning-ready nonprofit, an optimized storefront will ensure your organization remains responsive to volunteer needs and potential funders.


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Whether you need a LMS solution, are looking to optimize your LMS and eLearning programs with learning analytics, or need any other eLearning solutions for selling online training courses, we have the expertise to help you reach your goals. 


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