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August 8, 2020 | 1 Min Read

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A really great way to encourage your learners to keep buying your online courses is to reward them with a gift card to use towards their next course with you.  

Gift cards are a quick and easy process for a Store Administrator to award to their learners through the Lambda Suite.  You simply select the customer, fill in the amount of the gift card and then assign it.    

Assigning a Gift Card in Lambda Suite

Assigning a gift card to one of your customers is a 2-step process for Store Administrators: 

  1. Find your customer
    Go to Customers>All Customers from the Store admin side panel:

Use the search box to quickly find your customer, then click edit on the far right of the customer grid.  From the customer information panel, click on Gift Cards:

2. Assign a Gift Card
Fill out the amount of the gift card, available dates (optional), and assign it!

The system automatically assigns a Gift Card Number, combining the first two letters of the first and last names.  You can change this if you have a preferred gift card number. 

Assigned gift cards are then logged in the grid below the assign feature:

Customer Experience

Once the gift card is assigned, the customer will receive an email inviting them to redeem the gift card in the store.  Once in store, it’s an easy process to redeem your gift card when making a purchase.

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