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How to Adapt Moodle so It can be Used for Corporate Learning

January 8, 2019 | 3 Min Read

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Moodle has become a popular solution for corporate training and employee development programs since it is a flexible and customizable LMS. However, you will need to properly set up Moodle to get the most out of this LMS in a corporate setting.

1. Define Your Learning Objectives and Resources

The first step to effectively implementing Moodle is to define objectives aligned with corporate goals. Corporations typically rely on an LMS to have new employees complete an onboarding course.

Your LMS can also help you meet compliance and safety goals if you use it to deliver training modules that teach users how to meet compliance requirements. Use badges to track progress and reports to show that your organization is taking the necessary steps to be compliant.


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Other examples of corporate Moodle use include developing training modules to improve product or service knowledge when a new product or service is released. Identify the resources that will help you reach the goals you set for your training program.

Because Moodle is open-source you can use a variety of third-party modules for compliance and safety training. You can even look into developing your own training content for other goals as well.

2. Boost Productivity and Engagement with Mobile Training

Moodle gives you the option to deliver your training material on an app. This is a beneficial feature in corporate settings since many employees don't spend their entire workday at a desktop station.

Being able to complete training modules on mobile means employees can engage with the training program whenever they have some downtime. This minimizes disruption, reduces training costs and boost engagement with the training program.

3. Build a Customized LMS with Plugins and Easy Integration

You can combine Moodle with several plugins, such as Themes, Course formats, Blocks, or an enrollment plugin. These plugins create a solid infrastructure that allows you to build a corporate training solution even with limited IT resources.

Moodle also supports integration with other tools you might already use, such as Drupal, SharePoint or the Microsoft Office Add-in. Integration with these different tools allows you to leverage existing resources such as training documents created with Microsoft Office.

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4. Organize User Groups with the Audience Feature

Use the audiences feature to create an LMS that mirrors your corporate structure. Make Moodle student enrollment mandatory for new hires so you can automatically place them in a group that is assigned onboarding modules.

You can use audiences to organize your user base in different departments or to deliver managerial training modules to employees who have expressed interest in these positions.

If you are a vendor, use audiences to provide support and training to your different partners or clients.

5. Track Your Results with Analytics

Assessing the value of a training program can be difficult if you don't use an analytics solution adapted to your needs. You can combine Moodle with a solution like Lambda Analytics to get a more comprehensive picture of learner performance and to see how your different training modules are impacting productivity, sales and other factors.

You can then use this data to assess the value of your training program and continuously improve it.

6. Is Totara Learn a Better Fit for Your Corporate Training Needs?

Even though Moodle can be adapted and used in a corporate setting, you should know that Moodle was originally developed with educators in mind. On the other hand, Totara Learn is an LMS that was created specifically for the corporate world.

Totara Learn has all the core features of Moodle but introduces some new functionalities, including:

  • Hierarchies: This feature lets you assign different roles and permissions so that some users can assign courses to others, manage their learning plan, and more.

  • Learning plans and dashboard for users: Totara Learn users are more proactive thanks to the dashboard and can create or be assigned a learning plan aligned with their personal and professional goals.

  • Reminders: Boost engagement and course completion thanks to reminders based on activities and courses that have been completed.

  • Report builders and performance review: You can select the elements you want to see in reports and access data for each user's performance.

  • Advanced audience management and course assignment features.

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Totara Learn might be a better fit if your business has a complex structure or if you want to organize your user base by teams or departments and have managers play an active role in assigning content and reviewing performance.

Lambda Solutions can help you assess your needs and choose the best LMS for your corporate training program. Contact us to book a consultation!

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