January 30 2019

The Biggest Education Technology Trends for 2019

Written by Lambda Solutions

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Every year, it seems like more and more media outlets are ready to announce the end of the traditional classroom — that desks and chalkboards will soon be discarded to make way for flipped classes, digital workspaces and social learning. The truth is, the best educational technology doesn’t replace the traditional classroom, but enhances it. Through the latest educational innovations, teachers and students now have better access to quality resources and effective learning methods than ever before. Here are five technology trends set to further enhance the educational landscape in 2019.

Technology Trend #1: Coding

2019’s students are next decade’s workforce, and more of those students than ever will be working within the software industry. Whether it’s maintaining website servers or designing the next smartphone operating system, coding is a hard skill that employers desire. Programmers and computer literate employees are often needed to fill skills gaps within corporate teams. For this reason, coding classes are becoming increasingly popular, with a variety of technologies on offer to aid learning. The Grasshopper app, developed by Google employees, allows anyone to begin coding from their phone, no matter their prior knowledge. Coding lessons also have advantages beyond simple resume building, with students developing serious IT, math, logic and reasoning skills along the way.

Technology Trend #2: Seamless Resource Access

Long gone are the days when students raced each other to the library with lists of required reading materials. Now, infinite copies of the best resources are available through online journals and publishers, with students able to close a page on their iPads during class, open the same page from their smartphones on the bus, and continue reading from their laptop at home. Many big tech brands have their own cloud services, complete with apps designed specifically to produce a seamless filing system. These include Apple iCloud, Google Drive and Amazon Kindle. This makes mobile learning an underutilized opportunity to improve eLearning programs effectiveness.

Technology Trend #3: Remote Learning

Whilst the idea of interactive learning beyond the classroom is not new, developing technology means that 2019 is the year were remote learning may really take off. With the advent of 5G networks in North America throughout 2019 and 2020, the online classroom will become a high-definition reality. Remote learning is useful in many everyday educational scenarios, from webinars to training sessions for employees in multiple locations. Lambda Solutions offers a variety of live and recorded webinars as an easy way of sharing their years of industry knowledge, as well as resources on how to get remote and mobile learning initiatives off the ground. Another major benefit of high-speed remote learning is the ability it gives schools to connect with rurally located children, providing a valuable solution to the issue of staffing struggles within remote communities.

Technology Trend #4: Gamification

Whether it’s child’s favourite video game Fornite, or grown up gamified apps such as Headspace, games are becoming more and more embedded into everyday life. This is especially true for 2019’s educational environments. While you may have fond memories from your own school days of playing Oregon Trail or Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? on a stone age desktop, the gamification of education has since become far more sophisticated. Examples of today’s educational games include the Nintendo Labo, a combination of cardboard construction pieces and digital controllers, allowing kids to experiment and build something that is “fun to play with, but also teaches engineering principles.”

Technology Trend #5: Personalized LMS

By 2019, most educators have adopted learning management systems into their teaching strategy in some form or another, for the simple reason that they make teaching and learning more efficient, organized and helpful. Student progress and assignments can be easily assessed and tracked, and having an online base for your class means that other helpful technologies, such as seamless resource access, can be integrated. Lambda offers bespoke LMS packages to suit the specific needs of any educational organization.


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Disclaimer: This article was contributed by guest blogger Joe Hitchcock. Joe is a content writer from Vancouver BC, interested in culture, education and fiction. The views and opinions expressed belong to the guest blogger alone, and do not necessarily reflect the official policies or opinions of Lambda Solutions.

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