5 Technologies that are Transforming eLearning

August 28, 2018

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Technologies Transforming Training in eLearning

Digital transformation is changing the business landscape at a rapid pace. To thrive in today's ever-evolving industries, modern organizations must transform the way they design, deliver and evaluate learning.

We will highlight five technologies that are powering the digital transformation and disrupting the business of learning. We will also explore practical tactics that innovative companies are using to integrate these technologies into their training and development programs.

5 Technologies that are Disrupting eLearning

1. Artificial Intelligence

Increasing capabilities for computers to learn, reason and self-correct is reshaping the way humans interact with software. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), learning management systems (LMS) can leverage adaptive learning to personalize their programs to individual learners. These customizations enhance the effectiveness of the modules by responding to each learner's unique skills, preferences and needs.

IBM has integrated AI into its corporate training platform to recommend content based on the learner's role, experience and prior training. Other organizations have developed intelligent chatbots to guide participants through their eLearning programs. Bots can enhance the learning experience by interacting with users in training activities and delivering pertinent information in response to specific triggers from the learner.

2. Predictive Learning Analytics

Predictive learning analytics (PLA) strives to predict future outcomes and reduce unproductive training content, also known as "scrap learning." By analyzing LMS learning data for trends and patterns, organizations can refine their programs to better engage participants, increase completion rates and teach content more effectively.

Purdue University is leveraging predictive analytics to provide students with real-time feedback to inform them if they are on track. Other organizations use their platform's data to analyze the effectiveness of their courses based on participation and success metrics and identify opportunities for improvement.

3. Cloud Services

Organizations are increasingly turning to cloud-based LMS platforms for more accessible, lower-maintenance solutions. Using a cloud-based LMS transforms the way eLearning is delivered by alleviating the need to set up and maintain local servers. Enhanced accessibility allows users to log into their account from any approved location with an internet connection. By using a cloud solution, companies can deploy an LMS faster and scale it easily.

4. Crowdsourcing

When a learner connects to a larger network of users, he or she benefits from the ability to access a collective knowledge base. This fundamental principle is driving a new generation of social learning tools. With Totara Social, an organization's users can communicate and share resources to enhance their understanding of learning content.

Businesses that have implemented social learning solutions are experiencing a great return on investment (ROI). Research has found that social learning has a 75-to-1 ROI ratio when compared to traditional web-based training programs.

5. Virtual Reality

Today's more advanced Virtual Reality (VR) technologies are enabling organizations to simulate scenarios that are difficult or dangerous to create in real life. For example, to better prepare its employees for Black Friday, WalMart shot a 360-degree video and incorporated it into a realistic VR training. UPS uses VR simulations to teach new drivers how to safely operate its delivery vehicles in a variety of conditions.

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Sell, market, manage, and scale your eLearning all in one place with the brand new Lambda Suite!!

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