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The leading enterprise level Learning Management Systems (LMS) tailored for corporate learning, training and talent development.

Totara Learn is the world’s best Open Source LMS for Business

Totara Learn, is unrivaled when it comes to the value you get for the features you receive. As the leading Open Source LMS, designed for corporate clients, Totara’s deep feature-set makes online learning and training, and the management of these activities a breeze.

Totara Learn LMS

Discover Totara Learn LMS Features

Managing & Monitoring Performance

Setting Goals

In Totara everything is connected. Connect overarching organizational goals to individual learning plans to prove how your functional team is influencing the bottom line.


Seamlessly assign appraisal forms to selected groups with automatic reminders for completion. With a 360 degree feedback approach, you can quickly garner feedback from all team members.

Skills & Competencies

Continually develop your people with advanced competency frameworks connected to positions, organizations, and courses. Competencies automatically appear in learning plans so users see measurable outcomes.

Team Management

Management dashboards in Totara provide up-to-date information on team activity. Know what needs to be completed, trends in learning, events that are taking place and learning that is on the go!

Compliance, Reporting and Integrations

Managing Compliance

Managing compliance has never been easier. With structured certification and recertification paths, your people can be automatically notified when training is due. Compliance reporting also makes it easy to generate reports on the compliance status of every person in your organization.

Powerful Reporting

Unparalleled Flexibility. Equipped with the powerful reporting plugin, Lambda Zoola, you have the access to all of your data, and full capabilities to analyze and present your data to prove the impact of your eLearning outcomes on the bottom line.

Integrate with HRMS & CRM

To better manage and develop your talent, it’s essential your LMS connects with key business information systems. Maximize your return on investment and minimize your data entry tasks with HR Sync. Connect Totara Learn LMS with CRM’s such as PeopleSoft, SAP and Salesforce integrations so your systems can talk!

Mobile eLearning

Totara Learn LMS is designed to be fully responsive. This means the user interface adjusts seamlessly depending on the device you are using; desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones. Download the Totara Learn LMS mobile app to get snapshots of learning.

Peggy Kimmel Lambda Solutions

“What really triggered me and had me impressed was not just Totara’s rich feature set but Lambda’s outstanding customer service. There were prompt responses which is integral when you want to successfully implement a learning management system.”

PEGGY KIMMEL | Training and Development Manager, Step Energy

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LMS Flexibility

Open Source Flexibility
& Feature-Rich

Totara’s extensive feature set matches leading learning management systems at a fraction of the cost so you benefit from the best value for your budget.


Unparalleled Reporting
& Analytics

Experience an advanced approach to LMS reporting. Lambda Zoola allows you to obtain a deeper understanding of your learning and talent development programs.

Easy Deployment

Quick & Easy Deployment
without IT

With a fast, simple and scalable Totara deployment, we reduce your IT operating costs and worries so you can focus on what matters most.

Deliver and Manage eLearning 24/7

Easy Course Authoring

Flexible course options allow you to set roles and permissions, define course progression, and form group-based activities. Never before was it so easy to implement instructor-led, self-paced, social and blended learning strategies.

Flexible Learning Plans

Learning Plans make it easy to set up learning paths for your learners, with connected workflows to managers. Save time with automated notifications and dashboards that keep you up-to-date with the learning that is happening and the objectives that are being achieved.

Seminar Manager

The seminar manager makes it easy and efficient to schedule and organize face-to-face training. With time saving administrative functions like syncing training to calendars, setting management approvals, and tracking registration and attendance; you’ll never want to go back to your old training system.

On Demand Features

Why Totara Learn over Moodle?

Lambda Solutions is the 2017 Top Totara Provider

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“I liked Totara Learn LMS because it allowed me to have my arms around all the learning and development needed for our employees.”

DEBBIE WEHRLE | Director of Training & Development, Kodak Alaris

Moodle & Totara – What’s the Difference?

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Advanced Reporting & Analytics for Totara Learn LMS

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