May 9 2019

[Zoola Analytics] Report Focus: Schedules Overview Report

Written by Lambda Solutions

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Two parts of a Site Administrator’s role are managing what happens on their site to ensure that it fits within the business rules of the organization, and maintaining a sustainable site. Our new Schedules Summary Report is designed to help Site Administrators with these two tasks: You can see in a glance, all of the reports that are scheduled out of your system, assess if they are set up correctly and check for any potential issues.

The Schedules Summary Report has been set up with hyperlinks to the user who created the schedule, the schedule itself, and the report that is to be sent. The hyperlinking creates ease for the administrator who wants to take a closer look at which reports are being sent to whom.


3. Schedule Report_ Links

The report also shows the first and last runs of the report along with its status, which can alert an administrator to the potential issues with the schedule or report. For example, you can see in the Schedule Status column below that a report has been removed from a block. You might want to check out what happened and fix it.


image (4)


Finally, you can filter this report by type of schedule, report name, and schedule status.

Happy reporting, and remember, “What gets scheduled, gets done.

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