June 13 2019

[Zoola Analytics] Report Focus: Assignment Submission Summary

Written by Lambda Solutions

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Designed for teachers who have one or more courses with one or more assignments, the Assignment Submission Summary brings all your Assignment data together in one place to help you manage your grading.

In one glance you can see all your students, their assignments, assignment due dates, and whether or not the assignment has been graded.  

You can then filter the report by course, assignment, due date, and submission status.  

This report is secured for Course Managers so anyone viewing this report will only see results for the learners in courses they are assigned to as either a Teacher or Trainer role.

Assignment Submission Summary Report (new format)

4. Assignment Summary Report New Format

To use this report in the new report format, use the Artifacts Dependency Report to go to the Ad Hoc View, then save as a new report.  

5. Artifacts Dependency Report_ Assignments-1



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