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What an LMS Administrator Does, and Why Your Organization Needs One

August 8, 2019 | 3 Min Read

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For any organization interested in using an LMS (Learning Management System) to facilitate the use of eLearning materials, having an LMS administrator on hand is invaluable. Having an experienced individual who can monitor and manage an LMS's implementation, uses and issues is a necessity, and a capable LMS admin can provide all these services and more. What follows covers exactly what an LMS admin can do for your organization.

Why you need an LMS administrator

Oftentimes, organizations wonder why hiring an LMS administrator is necessary. After all, LMS providers offer customer and technical support teams that are typically available 24/7. The truth is that no customer or technical support agent can understand your organization as well as a personalized LMS admin and that LMS admins fulfill a multitude of roles that external support teams can't provide.

When you think of an IT administrator, you probably think of the person who keeps the servers running, but you also undoubtedly know that they do a lot more than that. An IT administrator often manages the IT techs and is constantly restructuring and refining their organization's entire technical infrastructure in addition to their server maintenance and basic IT upkeep duties.

An LMS administrator functions in much the same way. While a major purpose of LMS admins is to keep an LMS and all of an organization's eLearning programs functioning smoothly, they also serve multiple additional purposes. In addition to LMS upkeep, talented LMS admins can enrol new learners, track professional development, improve an organization's culture and integrate new educational talent, among other purposes. The multitude of ways in which an LMS admin can drastically improve not only how an organization uses eLearning but also the organization's learning culture makes them irreplaceable.

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What does an LMS administrator do?

Typically, LMS administrators have their responsibilities divided into three different categories: technical duties, collaboration duties and staff training duties.

1. Technical duties include:

  • Creating learning material
  • Providing personalized feedback for learners
  • Identifying user roles
  • Creating custom certification
  • Client portal maintenance and posting accuracy

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2. Collaboration duties include:

  • Participating in information exchange with educators or other LMS admins
  • Building a healthy relationship with project managers
  • Consulting teams to ensure the implementation of teaching best practices into learning materials

3. Staff training duties include:

  • Keeping track of courses, materials and workshops the organization currently offers
  • Understanding and fixing LMS issues concerned with LMS design, infrastructure or configuration
  • Ensuring the LMS is streamlined
  • Assisting learners with any issues

If you're hiring an LMS administrator, you'll want to make sure they possess the skills that will allow them to complete all these duties at a high level. This means that any LMS admin should be competent at data entry and possess reasonable software skills; understand how to troubleshoot technical problems; and have excellent project management, interpersonal and analytical skills.

While finding an LMS admin who possesses all these skills may be difficult or require the right candidate to undergo a significant amount of training, it's more than worth the effort in the long run. Organizations that hire and maintain the services of a talented LMS admin will find their eLearning experiences and overall learning culture will both improve drastically.

Even the best talent can always use some help to make things run even smoother, and with the right tools, your organization can actually reduce LMS administrative time while driving your bottom line. 

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Whether you need a new Learning Management System, are looking to optimize your LMS and eLearning programs with learning analytics, or need any other eLearning solutions, we have the expertise to help you reach your goals. 

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