November 19 2013

Video in Online Learning: Webinar Poll Results

Written by Lambda Solutions

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Last week, we ran a webinar called How to effectively use video in online learning. During the live session, we asked attendees how they were using video in their courses. Of the 115 people who responded, the overwhelming majority were already using video (80%) in their courses.

The chart below tells the story.

So why did people who already use video bother to come to the webinar?

Delivering a good quality video experience across a variety of devices, is just not that easy and they were looking for answers. Many used Moodle to host their video, but Moodle is not set up as a multimedia server and can slow down when loaded up with video. The other service attendees use is YouTube. YouTube offers a free way to host video. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to use – even in the private version – because the original file format is the only format it serves and there are no good archiving tools to allow people to find video resources.

For these reasons, webinar attendees were interested to learn more about hosted multimedia platforms like Lambda’s partner MediaCore. For an annual fee, MediaCore provides an institution or company with its own private, cloud multimedia server that archives and hosts multimedia and takes care of authentication as well as file conversion. The MediaCore plug-in to Moodle or Totara allows you to upload any kind of video or audio format. The back end does all the encoding and compression work. The result is a video that plays on any device from within a Moodle or Totara course. Using the plug-in, students as well as teachers can upload video and MediaCore is working on a ‘video’ assignment type for Moodle and Totara.

You can watch the Webinar here >>

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