December 13 2013

Scaling Your Learning Management System for the Enterprise

Written by Lambda Solutions

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When Lambda Solutions first met St. Francis University a small number of faculty was testing Moodle learning management technology (LMT) on the University’s internal servers. With students demanding more eLearning options, the University found itself needing to deliver online education to its thousands of students. As one of Canada’s leading post-secondary institutions, STFX wanted to show stewardship in administering learning to students, and found the Moodle LMT to be the most effective tool for administrators, teachers and students.

But this exciting opportunity came with challenges for the University: how could they ensure reliable uptime for an LMT that was already proving a resource hog for their internal IT team?

STFX decided to look for a trusted Moodle partner with credibility in the eLearning space. As a result, the University partnered with Lambda Solutions for the managed hosting of their Moodle instance.

“We knew we would need to get support externally for the server so we would have coverage for bigger usage,” says STFX University Supervisor of Academic Technology & Pedagogy Support James Stewart. “The major obstacle was the time it would take to implement, and we’d need to pull resources, equipment and personnel into the project. To have experts come in and do the heavy lifting seemed like a very practical option.”

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