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Lambda Solutions’ managed Totara LMS and Moodle hosting services offers unrivaled performance and exceptional value. In addition to fast response rates and ‘always on’ learning, you can also expect 24/7 managed Totara LMS or Moodle hosting, and access to expert application support. What we’re most excited about, is that our Professional and Enterprise packages now include Lambda’s Advanced Reporting & Analytics Solution. 

Managed Fully, Completely

  • Let us take care of servers, operating systems, applications, databases, security, backups and upgrades.
  • We monitor, tune and scale the performance of your system to make sure it stays in the best possible shape to deliver courses, quizzes, lectures and videos.
  • Ask us how! We provide guidance with our Totara LMS and Moodle application support.
Moodle LMS Hosting

Which level of managed hosting service do you need?

Active Users Up to 250 500 – 10,000 1,000+
Storage 10GB 100GB (Expandable) 150GB (Expandable)
Up-time commitment 99% 99.9% 99.9%
Email, Web & Phone Support Up to 5 Hours Unlimited Unlimited + VIP
Lambda Theme Included Basic Configurable Configurable
Digital Media Library Add-on Add-on Add-on
Zoola Analytics Add-on Check Mark Check Mark
Packaged Plugins* 10 Check Mark Check Mark
24x7x365 System Monitoring Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Disaster Recovery Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Daily Backups Check Mark Check Mark  Every 12 Hrs
Unmetered Bandwidth Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Upgrades Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
SSL Certificate Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Dedicated Cloud Shared Shared Check Mark
Integration X Check Mark Check Mark
Unique URL X Check Mark Check Mark
Test Site X One included One included
eCommerce Add-on Add-on Add-on
Pricing Starting at under $600 per month** Request Pricing Request Pricing

*Eligible to Enterprise clients only. Extra plugins can be installed with an Additional Plugin Package
**Based on an annual commitment paid upfront.

All production websites on Lambda managed Totara hosting services are monitored 24/7/365 by Lambda operations staff who respond to incidents to ensure minimal downtime commitment. Clients have access to technical support via multiple channels: phone line(s), email, and ticketing HelpDesk system, with further details, including response time SLA commitment, available in the technical support policy.

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“Since Lambda has been taking care of hosting, we don’t have any directory synchronization issues between our users and the hosted site”

SHAH MURAD | Enterprise Systems Administrator, Langley School District 35

Reliable, Available, High Performance

Open for Learning 24/7/365

Let people learn when they want — anytime anywhere. Our dedicated database and server experts watch over our hosting infrastructure and make sure it never goes down. We use a monitoring and alert system to let our technical people know when problems might occur. Even if one server fails, another one immediately takes over in our fail-over program. We also ensure that assignments, quizzes, course materials and records, are backed-up daily so no one can lose their work.

Faster, Reliable Delivery of Large Files

Adding the Digital Media Library (DML) to your existing Moodle  hosting plan will allow you to differentiate between how your Moodle is hosted and how the more media-heavy elements of your course are hosted. Your Moodle would still be hosted on our servers, via your choice of a shared, virtual or dedicated Moodle server. Your media, however, is hosted separately, using larger and more powerful super-servers. The result is an online course that is free of disruption for your learners and does not require a huge price tag in order to be hosted properly.

Increase Learner Productivity

Nothing is more frustrating than a hung screen, or a sluggish response. Keep learners happy by providing them with an environment that keeps up with their ability. Boost your learning system’s performance on our hosted platform. We continuously tune caches and shape bandwidth to make the user experience a pleasure. We also run on a fiber network that automatically switches traffic to open lines to prevent bottlenecks.

Amazing Value

Reduce Capital Costs

Totara Managed hosting means you do not have to buy the servers or the IT expertise to run a Totara or Moodle implementation. We take the capital costs off your balance sheet.

Save Over Time

Maintaining application and hosting know-how in the face of continuous change, takes time and dedication. We have the resources  to optimize our systems so that you don’t have to. Concentrate on creating great courses instead.

Truly Supported

Our hosting and application support experts really know their stuff. You can count on us to resolve hosting problems promptly and to answer application questions knowledgeably. Our flexible, tiered support packages allow you to access the help you need when you need it.

Flexible and Expandable

Grow When You Need To

As your organization succeeds and needs room to expand, the Lambda Cloud will deliver.  Our infrastructure is highly flexible, so when you are ready to grow, so are we.  Spikes in activity, and growing numbers of employees or learners can be easily accommodated with our Elastic cloud hosting environment.

Support Mobile Learning

To accommodate the quickly popular mobile learning style, Lambda hosted Totara LMS and Moodle implementations support any device. So long as a participant has an internet connection, they can learn on the go. This supports the new ‘bring your own device’ approach to reducing capital costs, and allows you to avoid complicated ‘synchronization’ procedures that offline/online systems demand.

Gain the Benefit of New Features

Get the most from your Totara LMS and Moodle. Not only do we include our reporting solution and packaged plugins, we also perform scheduled upgrades to keep your LMS up-to-date with new features that allow you to extend and improve the learning experience. You decide whether you want to participate, and we’ll test your existing system against the upgrade to let you know how it will affect existing courses.

Trusted Security

Your learners and courses remain safe behind our firewall. Our intrusion detection and prevention systems turn potential threats away from the gate. Lambda’s physical data centers are only accessible by authorized personnel and state of the art surveillance and round the clock security teams continuously patrol the perimeter and interior of the facility.

Lambda provides location based hosting for those who require that their data remain in a specific country.

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