June 13 2019

How To Zoola: Relative Time Filters

Written by Lambda Solutions

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With Zoola Analytics, you can filter data in your view based on a date range relative to the current system date. This means that you can schedule a report to go out every two weeks and only show, for example, completions for the past two weeks.  

You can accomplish this using date-based filters, the between operator, and entering a text expression describing the relative date or date span you want to display, using the format <KEYWORD> +/- <Number>

The Keyword indicates the time span you want to use; options include DAY, WEEK, QUARTER, SEMI, and YEAR.  

The “+” or ”-” symbols indicate whether the time span occurs before or after the chosen date and the number indicates the number of above-mentioned time spans you want to include in the filter.

Here we would see records for courses completed in the past two weeks:

1. Date Filter


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