Lambda Analytics: Certificates Issued Summary Reporting Done Right

August 16, 2020 | 2 Min Read

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Our clients have many interesting use cases for reporting on certificates issued in their online courses.

Here are a few:

  • As a Licensing Body I want a report of certificates issued in a particular format, so that I can send it to the state on a daily basis. 
  • As an LMS Admin, I want a daily report of certificates issued with links to download the certificate so that I can mail a copy to the student.
  • As a Student, I want to see a single page that shows me all the certificates I have received with an option to download, so that I can easily retrieve a record of learning.

With these needs in mind, we’ve created a Certificates Issued Summary report that shows the users’ name, the course they have completed, the date they received the certificate and a URL from which they can download the certificate:

We have two versions of this report: depending on whether you are using the Certificate module or the Custom Certificate Module, you’ll use either:

  1. Certificate Issued Summary

  2. Certificates Issued Summary (Custom)

Both of these reports are secured for Instructors and can be filtered by course category and course.  

Making Changes to Your Reports:

If you’d like to make changes to your reports, such as add, remove or delete a column, you can do that in the Ad Hoc View.  If you’d like to change the security on the report, you can do that in the Data Source.  


Ad Hoc View

Data Source

Certificates Issued Summary

Detailed Certificates Issued Ad Hoc Table

Detailed Certificates Issued Data Source

Certificates Issued Summary (Custom)

Detailed Custom Certificates Issued Ad Hoc Table

Detailed Custom Certificates Issued Data Source


Learn more about the Certificates Issued Summary report by watching our Lambda Lab: Custom Certificates: How to Design, Manage, And Measure eLearning Impact


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