Analytics Reporting: How to tell if your quizzes are passing the grade

April 9, 2020 | 2 Min Read

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A lot of trainers and educators don’t put their own tests to the test, and, as a result, many of their learners struggle through exams that test materials that were not covered in the course or have to navigate tricky and or ambiguous test questions.

You can fix this!

While a lot of LMS reporting focuses on who completed what, when, and with which results, the real golden nugget of learning analytics is looking back through the results to review the quality of your course.  

  • Are your learners getting the resources they need to meet your learning outcomes?  
  • Are your quizzes fair?  
  • Are your exams too easy or too difficult?   
  • Are your questions clear or are they ambiguous and tricky?  

Analyzing quiz results can provide a lot of information to help you improve the impact of your learning assets. 

With Lambda Analytics you can report on the completion of quizzes, and you can use the data to assess your quizzes. 


Report in Focus: Quiz Questions Attempt Summary

Our out-of-the-box Quiz Question Attempt Summary report has the answers you need.  This report breaks down quizzes by question and shows:

  • The number of attempts on each question 
  • How many times each question is graded right 
  • How many times the questions is given a partial grade
  • How many times the questions and wrong 
  • The date of the question attempt

Here’s a sample of the report:

Lambda Newsletter - April 2020 - 11. Quiz question attempt summary

With this report you can therefore see in a glance if a cohort of learners is struggling with a quiz or a question.  

In this detail of the report, we can see that the learners are clearly struggling to get through this quiz:

Lambda Newsletter - April 2020 - 12. High failure rate


The failure rate is very high, and therefore I would be inspired to take a closer look at the questions.  

Possible next steps in my exploration would be to filter for the users to see if these are typical grade points for the users.  Then I would return to the course to look at the questions with a more critical eye. Are the questions clear? Is there a gap in our resources to teach to these points? 

To help you dig deeper, this report can be filtered for Users, Course Categories, Courses, Quizzes and Quiz Questions, so you can drill down to see specific information.  

Furthermore, this report is secured for Instructors, meaning that anyone with a teacher/trainer role will only see courses to which they are assigned. 

As an instructor, course creator, or LMS administrator, I would set a regular quiz checkin, perhaps once a quarter, to ensure that my quizzes are fair and rigorous so that I can deliver the best learning experience for my learners.

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