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8 Tips to Increase Attendance Rates in Online Training

April 17, 2018

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online training classroomYou’re ready to roll out your new online training course, but can you say the same for your staff? In this blog, I’ll share eight tips to get your employees ready and increase attendance rates in online training.

Most people are resistant to change. Take the case of traditional training. Your employees are used to doing things a certain way, such as attending instructor-led courses and using a printed manual to soak up compliance knowledge. However, moving your training online offers a variety of benefits for everyone on the payroll. The secret is preparing your staff for the switch so that they reap the rewards, minus the stress. Here are eight tips to get your employees ready and achieve high attendance rates in online training.

1. Get Managers On Board

Managers are the first employees to approach about online training. Primarily because they are the ones who set the example and advocate online training to their subordinates. As such, it’s crucial to get managers on board as soon as possible so that they start building the excitement. It’s also wise to ask for their input throughout the eLearning course design process. They work directly with your staff daily, which means they’re in a unique position to reveal skill and performance gaps that warrant your attention.

2. Outline Personalized Online Training Plans

The question that every corporate learner has on their mind is “what’s in it for me?” How is online training going to help me be more productive on the job and achieve my goals? That’s where personalized online training plans enter the picture. Assess and survey your corporate learners to find out which online training resources they require, then create a personalized online training path just for them. You can even get their direct input to help develop an online training plan that suits their training needs and objectives. This provides them with a general overview of the online training content they’ll access in the near future.

3. Provide LMS Tutorials

Some corporate learners may be wary of online training because they believe they lack the necessary tech skills. Will they be able to access the online training platform, or is it going to be the first obstacle to overcome? Produce the best LMS tutorials and guides to ease your corporate learners into the online training process to achieve high attendance rates. Explain to them how to log in to the LMS and navigate the online training platform. In addition, provide a reference database so that they can refresh their memory and avoid common IT challenges.

4. Host a Kick-Off Online Training Event

Your corporate learners should be enthusiastic about online training. They should be aware of the benefits it brings for them on a personal level. One of the best ways to boost the excitement factor and achieve high attendance rates is to host an online training event right before you launch your online training program. Send out invitations and record the online training event for those who are unable to attend. Encourage them to submit questions in advance and create a social media group specifically for the online training event. This gives corporate learners a place to share their thoughts and opinions during the kick-off online training event.

5. Spark Online Discussion via Social Media

Speaking of social media, it’s also a good idea to create a social media page for your online training course. In fact, you may want to set up a separate page for each department or corporate learner group. For example, new hires or customer service associates. Post a new question every week leading up to the launch, then continue the online discussion after the fact to keep employees engaged and your attendance rates high. You can even share informative links and online training updates on your dedicated social media page, as well as demo videos on how to use the online training platform.

6. Reveal Rewards Early On

There may be certain corporate learners who need that extra dose of motivation for you to have the attendance rates you want. Even those who are already looking forward to the rollout can benefit from incentives. Reveal your gamification rewards early on to start building the buzz. For example, outline how corporate learners will be able to earn badges, or the perks they’ll win for every point tier. This is also a good time to disclose the ground rules. For instance, corporate learners must complete a certain number of online training activities before the deadline in order to qualify.

7. Offer a Sneak Preview of the Upcoming Online Training Course

As the old saying goes: seeing is believing. Some corporate learners may need to actually experience online training before they jump on the bandwagon. For this reason, you might consider a sneak preview of the upcoming online training course, or even an online training activity or module to give them a brief glimpse of what’s in store. This also gives your L&D team the opportunity to gather feedback from corporate learners. Conduct online surveys or focus groups after corporate learners complete the online training course. Concentrate on user experience and areas that may still require some attention, such as eLearning navigation or aesthetics.

8. Provide Regular Online Training Updates

As I mentioned earlier, it’s essential to involve managers from day one. However, in order to achieve high attendance rates, you should also keep employees in the loop with regular online training updates. Make them aware of new online training courses you’re adding to the catalog, share progress reports on your social media page, and ensure that every member of your team knows when to expect the first online training course or live event. Another way to map out your online training strategy and keep corporate learners up to date is posting an online training timeline. Include any important deadlines they need to know about, such as enrollment dates for optional online training courses, or testing rounds when they can try out the new online training platform and participate in focus groups. Frequent updates make corporate learners feel like they’re part of the process, so attendance rates are always high.

These are just a few techniques to get your corporate learners ready for online training and achieve high attendance rates. Start preparing them for the online training opportunities as soon as you start the eLearning course development process. That way they will have enough time to acclimate to the change and steadily build their intrinsic motivation.

For more resources, join our webinar, Gamification 101 – What It Is and How to Get Started?, to explore together how gamification can be used in online training to create effective and motivating eLearning experiences.

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