2016 in Review: The Latest & Greatest in Moodle™ LMS, Lambda Learn LMS, and Lambda Learning Solutions

April 24, 2023

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After such a busy year of new and improved products, features and capabilities in the open source LMS world, we thought we would put together a “2016 in Review” holiday reading guide to get you caught up on the latest and greatest news related to Moodle, Lambda Learn, and Lambda Learning Solutions.  

This year brought an abundance of exciting new features and enhancements to Moodle, Lambda Learn, and Lambda Solutions - learn more in this series of short (but informative!) excerpts from some of our 2016 blog posts!

 Moodle LMS in 2016

  • Top Improvements in Moodle 3.1. Moodle 3.1 was released back in May, equipped with the most highly requested improvements, enhancements, and new features. In this blog post, we go over the top 10 improvements, like the addition of competency based learning & frameworks, and the ability to “Global Search” in Forums, Wiki’s, and other content throughout the LMS. Read the full blog for more.
  • eCommerce Integrations for Moodle LMS. One of the most sought after features of Moodle is its integration capabilities. In this blog post, we go over Moodle’s eCommerce integrations - specifically LMSCheckout, a full course eCommerce solution with a full shopping cart functionality, that allows for easy marketing of paid, or free courses. Read the full blog.
  • Out-of-the-box Language capabilities in Moodle. You may or not know that Moodle supports over 100 languages. This blog covers the out-of-the-box language features in Moodle, and teaches you how to install or enable them in. Read the full blog.

Lambda Learn LMS in 2016

  • New Features & Improvements Coming in Lambda Learn  9.0. We saw the release of Lambda Learn  9 this year - the first Lambda Learn release since their move away from Moodle, making it the most highly anticipated release of the enterprise LMS. This blog post covers some of the top improvements, and new features that came with Lambda Learn 9, such as a Google Maps integration and the ability to bulk download files within Folders. Read the full blog.

Lambda Learning Solutions in 2016

  • Zoola Analytics: Our New Name for Moodle and Lambda Learn LMS Reporting Solution.  With the release of version 4.1 of Lambda’s LMS Reporting & Analytics Solution came a new name: Zoola Analytics. Our solution has seen so many enhancements and new features in the year since its release, that it seemed appropriate to give it a new name. Read the full blog.
  • Moodle Plugin to Track Time Spent Learning in Your LMS. When it comes to learner data, time spent learning is one of the top requests from our clients. That’s why Lambda Solutions released a new set of plugins that allows administrators to track the time learners actively spend in courses, and course activities. Read the full blog.
  • Why Your LMS Theme Matters, and How Lambda’s Liquid Theme Can Help. Our clients have expressed a need for greater flexibility and customization options in our Lambda Configurable Theme - much of this had to do with wanting to enhance the user experience by aligning their LMS with their organization’s brand. To provide for our clients, we have added new capabilities in the newest release of our Configurable Theme, providing enhanced capabilities to customize the theme to match user’s brands.  Read the full blog.
  • LMS Hosting with a Digital Media Library. The idea behind online learning is to utilize technology to engage learners with course material in a dynamic, and interactive way. To support the use of media-heavy files in online courses such as video, flash movies, learning games, and large picture files, we have added a Digital Media Library (DML) to our existing LMS hosting plans. Learn about the capabilities DML will provide, including leveraging effective video tools for distance learning, flipped classrooms, and social learner. Read the full blog.

There you have it, folks. 2017 is going to be an exciting one for eLearning, as the LMS market is expected to triple by 2018, reaching a revenue of $8 billion. Let’s see what next year has in store for us.

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Sell, market, manage, and scale your eLearning all in one place with the brand new Lambda Suite!!

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