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Tailored solutions to fit your classroom, budget, and grows with you.

Create your eLearning programs in a system that grows as you do and remains flexible enough to meet a variety of needs as you scale up. Create the courses you need today, without limiting your ability to grow, even if you’re working on a limited budget.


Read up on how Rutgers met their highly-technical requirements, cut costs, and improved uptime with a flexible open-source LMS.

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Let us handle the heavy lifting.

Deliver a learning experience that is simple and intuitive from enrollment to certification with integrated systems that let learners focus on learning and instructors spend their time teaching and improving with a lean, cost-efficient eLearning machine that drives revenue and ROI.

Assiniboine Community College

Discover how Assiniboine Community College found more time to work on increasing course quality and student satisfaction.

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Results-focused service that enables better learning.

Get the most out of your eLearning with eXtreme support that's dedicated to achieving your goals, analytical insights for constant improvement, cost-effective administration solutions, world-class security, and the ability to make learning your competitive advantage.

Deliver an integrated eLearning ecosystem that maximizes learning effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and allows your learners and stakeholders alike to get the most from your eLearning investment.


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